Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner

black corduroy trousers: h&m

Wore this outfit to Christmas dinner with my parents. I recently purchased these corduroy trousers from H&M as an early Christmas present to myself. They are so comfortable and easy to style with. I've been  living in them for the past few days. Paired it with a red plaid shirt for a more Christmas feel, but I also love the color combo of dark red on black. Carried my delicately beaded purse for a more formal feel. The gold colors mix well with the red and black and also adds another texture to the overall outfit. I also wore my dark red lipstick, except perhaps you can't tell in the photo. Oops! Christmas was so cold I couldn't breathe outside. Excuse the hair in face picture. It was the first picture I took and once the wind swept by and froze my hands while knocking the air out of me, I had to call it quits and run to catch a cab! 

So for Christmas, since we don't cook much anymore once we moved to Korea, my family and I celebrated by going to CasAntonio, a great Italian restaurant in Itaewon. Definitely the best Italian food I've had in Korea so far. Delicious meal and great company :) Hope you had a good holiday too! 



Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simply Styling Sundays: Stuck wearing an ugly Christmas sweater?

Merry Christmas all! Hope you are surrounded by wonderful family and friends, great food, and wonderful fashion during this holiday! Thought I might write a styling post on something applicable for many on this day: the ugly Christmas sweater!

Ok, let's be honest...this Christmas sweater is pretty...awful. But perhaps it was knitted by a dear grandmother or purchased by a sweet mom who makes everyone wear Christmas sweaters on this day. So, how to still look stylish while stuck in this horrendous piece of knitwear? Try focusing on statement jewelry such as a wonderful bib necklace like the Adam Lippes Chain Rosette or a glittering Belle Noel Pave Star ring perfect for the holiday occasion. These pieces, all sparkling and shiny, takes focus away from the print and adds a nice twist to the outfit. Pair with Alexander Wang leather shorts, black opaques, and an electric blue Steve Madden bootie. The color will pop against the tight and create focus elsewhere on the outfit. 

Or, how about when you'd rather just cover up the sweater?

Perhaps you're breaking Grandma's heart, but trust me, those Christmas photos are forever. Let's start with a trendy fur coat in white to pair with bright red stockings. Finish with leather shorts again, Giuseppe Zanotti strap stilettos, and great bling bracelets from Nordstrom. Hello Christmas diva and memorable photos! 

Well, hope you had fun reading! I'm excited for a great family dinner in Itaewon (the foreigner area of Seoul) where I can stare at all the beautiful Christmas lights :) Also, upcoming posts: sharing my gifts and seeing what you've received too! Happy Holidays all!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas came early!

Remember those Perche shoes I blogged about a few posts ago? Well, finally I was able to order the exact shoes that Miranda Kerr wore in the ad campaign. They recently came in, I'm so in love! Check them out :)

I love the ankle straps on these shoes, and they come with the perfect heel height. The color is a little spotty and made out of synthetic leather, but for less than $40, I think they're a steal! These boots will definitely carry my fashion through the winter time! Speaking of winter:

It's snowing now in Korea! Getting really chilly, so I must wrap my head in wonderful warm fur, thick knitted scarves, and a hot coffee clutched in hand at all times. What are you wearing this winter?

xx Christine

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Simple Styling Sundays: Perfect Holiday Outfit for under $30

forever21 accessories from top left to bottom left:

For me, holiday party shopping is always a really exciting time. I love the glitz and glamour that comes with Christmas or New Years parties with shimmery dresses or sequined heels. But, despite the numerous sales in department stores, online, and boutique shops, holiday party outfits can quickly become very expensive. So what to do when my wallet, exhausted by previous gift shopping, has become uncomfortably thin? I never feel as if I need to skimp out on a great party outfit. Instead, dressing up an old dress with new accessories can create a brand new outfit without breaking my bank and still be holiday party ready!

I was in a massive forever21 store (what forever21 store is NOT massive??) the other day, and saw so many beautiful holiday accessories. I loved the accessories so much, I did further research (shopped online :) ) and selected some great accessories to purchase. The best part is that all of them are under $30 and can be splurged on. I've sectioned off the accessories above with the top row being for a more chic party look while the bottom row can be for a wilder style. Whether it's being classic with sparkling studs and a rose colored lip to being wilder with leatherette tassel earrings and an overly embellished clutch, these accessories matched with a simple black (or jewel toned dress) can do you well! Finished with gold glittered stilettos and you're out the door to have a wonderful night in style!

A perfect holiday party outfit for me would include the gold spotted feline bracelet, with glitter liquid eyeliner, and the gold glittered stilettos! All matched to my favorite one shoulder black dress. New Year's party here I come!!

Hope you've enjoyed reading this Sunday's Simple Styling and will visit again next week! Cheers!


Friday, December 16, 2011

One of a kind dress

vintage one-of-a-kind dress, stockings: hue, heels: casadei

Wore this outfit about a month back. I was in Garosugil once again and had the perfect opportunity to debut my newest acquisition: the one of a kind dress. I'm absolutely in love with the popping green color with thick vertical blue stripes. It completely matches my stripe obsession! This dress was originally custom made for my mother's friend who was an actress. She had her own clothing and shoe line of which I've been too fortunate to have acquired a few amazing pieces. I dressed it up with a cape and some back seams. I've been wanting to wear back seams for a while now, I think it makes outfits instantly sexier. Perhaps I will just switch out all of my black sheers for back seams? I'd enjoy wearing them everyday! Finished my outfit with my italian nude heels. I always love the pop against the dark sheer.

So, I just created an account on bloglovin and would really love/appreciate it if you would follow my blog there! I really enjoy sharing my love for clothing with you guys and hope you enjoy reading my blog :)

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Yes, finals are done! I have my life back!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

10 days of Christmas Wish list '11!

Starting top left clockwise:
Posh fur jacket
d'Armani lipstick scarlatto red
Alexander Wang blazer
Alexander McQueen military skull clutch
Alexander Wang lamb's leather shorts
Michael Kors Grayson large satchel
JCrew golden stripe bracelet
Topshop podium crossover platform sandals
Balmain metallic leather skinny pants
center: Alexander Wang jacquard cropped sweater

Thought I'd be missing from my blog for a week because of my final tests going on. However, I couldn't really stay away! Since Christmas is about 10 days away, I've decided to count down the days with gifts I would love to receive/items I want to acquire! :)

Since we still have a long winter ahead of us, my favorite item would be the Alexander Wang jacquard cropped sweater. I think it has a great color combo of yellow, grey, and black lining. During winter, I love wearing comfy and cozy sweaters. Though I'm not sure if this looks really comfy or cozy, a great investment piece it still is!

I've really wanted to wear red lipstick for a very long time now. Such a bold lip, it would be gorgeous! But, I've failed to find a great red color for me. Bright red doesn't work on my face, instead I look rather child like. But, I've realized that deep and dark reds work really well on my face, and have been chasing either a merlot or brick red lipstick ever since. Fortunately, finding this scarlatto red shade of Armani's cosmetics, my bold red lip quest just might be over!

I've also been searching for the perfect black blazer for years! Years I tell you! But, with my small petite frame and the introduction of boyfriend blazers a few years ago, this has been such a difficult challenge. (I seriously drown in the bf blazer...no matter the xxs tag!) The sharp shorter angles in the front on the Alexander Wang's blazer could really be used to my advantage, and it has a modern and new edge.

If I received all of these gifts, I would have such a comprehensive and versatile closet! All of these items can be mixed and matched into many different combos. I can just imagine pairing the white fur coat with either the leather shorts or metallic leather skinnies with the sweater underneath. Since pre-fall '12 shows have still been showcasing fur (will show another post later), investing in major fur pieces is a must! These pieces will last you, and fur always has a way of coming in and out of trends too. Too top off each outfit, I could always carry the forever classic Michael Kors satchel, or Alexander McQueen's one of a kind clutch (how badass is it? very), and the standout jcrew costume jewelry can stretch across seasons. Right now, I would definitely wear the bright yellow against all my dark winter clothing for a stand out piece and can see wearing the turquoise bracelet against delicate summer dresses. As an outfit completer, I would really love to wear the Topshop metallic platform sandals and sport a signature bold red lip with every single outfit! 

Gosh, well this is my wish list! Perhaps I should show my parents this? :)

What would you like to receive for Christmas?


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simple Styling Sundays: updating blouses

Hi guys! I'm going to start Simple Styling Sundays where I give simple styling tips that can enhance your wardrobe and overall look. My favorite outfits come from when they are simply put together, and are effortless to wear. I enjoy simple dressing rules, and would like to share my advice with you! My first post will be about updating your blouses:

1. Zara blouse with combined flap $60, less expensive version 
2. 3.1 Philip Lim silk-chiffon blouse $350, less expensive version 
3. American Rag Equipment-Brett cheetah print top $216, less expensive version
 4. Alexander Wang leather-trimmed tulle shirt $270, less expensive version 
5. Balmain gold blouse black decolt (about) $3,600, less expensive version 
6. Oasis off-white beaded collar $90 less expensive version

Pretty much: blouses are pretty important to have in your wardrobe. For one, they have a very mature style that you can utilize for many occasions, and secondly they are clean and classic. From wearing to work to a dinner party with friends or during an interview, blouses can effortlessly carry you through the occasion. So then we were all introduced to the classic oxford shirt (haven't seen? take a look!). Though I think it's important to own a least one of these, the past year alone has shown a big change in trend and new twists to the ageless shirt. Easily, you can update your oxford shirt to one of these newer styles and receive the same polished effect. Investment in just one will carry your wardrobe through a few seasons if not take over your standard collared shirt collection completely.

Some of my favorite new twists include Zara's black combined flap and detailing, Philip Lim's dual breast pockets, American Rag's animal print, Alexander Wang's sheer black shirt (with leather trimming!), Balmain's use of metallics, and Oasis' sweet collar. There are many new styles of blouses to pick from, and investing in just one can instantly update your wardrobe and be worn with many things (which is the basis of my criteria for purchasing investment pieces. If you've kept up with my blog, I'm sure you know that I love versatility and wearability!). For an easy casual look try pairing each blouse with dark denim jeans and flats, or dress up with cranberry colored trousers and metallic heels (and I always find that tucked in blouses are always just a little more chic!). Trust me, the options are endless! 

Personally, my favorite is the Balmain for the holiday season, however for a college student that consumes a lot of ramen (instant noodle cups), it's a little out of reach...for now... Perhaps a smarter investment for girls like me is the Zara blouse. Offers much versatility with a doable price! 

**Note: When purchasing blouses, the key is to make sure the length and fit under the arms is perfect for you. If it's too long or baggy under the arms, it will look ill fitted and misplaced on your body...pretty much destroying the purpose for them. So beware before you purchase!
**Double note! I mentioned wearing blouses to interviews, but please do not wear Alexander Wang's see through shirt to a formal interview. Thank you!!
So I hope you've enjoyed this easy styling tip and can find it useful. Stay tuned next Sunday for more :)

I have to confess I'm going through finals right now, and might be absent from my blog for a week..might..haven't fully decided. We shall see!

Take care

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Manicured hands 12.8.11

gold base: face it, blue crack nail polish: etude house

Finally found a cracked nail polish that cracks so beautifully! The blue crack nail polish can easily be layered on many different colors for different styles. I like the uniqueness of this color combination, but next I shall try it on a pink for a sweeter feel!

Take care!


Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration 12.5.11

all images found on christophwho.blogspot.com
I've been inspired by the emotion and personality behind each of these photos. Each girl, each story, each emotion comes vividly through the images, and my imagination has been tickled by the aesthetics. Though my personal taste is geared more towards functionality, it's important to stay inspired and push the norms and standards of individual tastes. My dream as a fashion stylist would be to capture not just the mood and personality, but the story someone has to offer into outfits. I'll always push my eyes and imagination further in the realms of fashion!

I found these images from Christoph Schaller's blog. He's a fashion photographer and a pretty inspiring kid himself. Some of these shots were taken by him. Please check him out, I've become such a fan!



Saturday, December 3, 2011

Topshop's All That Glitters Holiday Collection

1. metal bar insert clutch bag
2. metallic skirt by boutique
3. embellished fringe capelet by dress up topshop**
4. spikey embellished playsuit by dress up topshop**
5. circle bead playsuit by dress up topshop**
6. podium cross over platform sandal

Topshop's holiday collection "All That Glitters" instantly enticed me. As I'm getting into the holiday season mood (after Thanksgiving!), I've been dreaming of what to wear for the holidays. Thankfully, Topshop has quenched my holiday style thirst by offering everything gold, silver, metallic, and shimmery. How typical (not a bad thing!)! Don't we always go to the sequins, gold metallics, and silver beading for holiday party cheer? It's like the signal of 'let's exchange gifts, gain some weight, and drink just as much as we ate!" Get's me excited, it's a pretty cheerful time! All of that aside, I've chosen six of my favorite pieces from that collection.

The clutch really caught my eye because...honestly...it's so shiny. But besides that, I really like the bold metal bar details on the side, it adds some uniqueness to a standard sequined holiday clutch. Also the shape is great--it looks like it can hold all your holiday party necessities. Secondly, I fell in love with the metallic high waisted midi skirt. I think it cinches at the perfect place (around your waist) to accentuate the thinnest part of your body. Also, I love the hourglass shape, and how it comes in on the bottom to make you look very slender, very sophisticated, and very chic! Thirdly, I love capes so hence I love capelets. However, this one differs from others because of its unbalanced shape and meticulous beading. I can imagine it paired on top of a crisp white button up paired with some great skinny trousers and a platform heel. This piece seems a bit mysterious and dark, but has such a glam edge, I would pick it up in an instant and wear it every day. The fourth item seems like a pretty standard holiday item to me--it's sequined, metallic, gold, and silver. But, what caught my eye and got me interested was the fact that it's a playsuit! Not a typical dress, but rather a playsuit! Meaning, the bottom is like shorts instead of a dress...so no more embarrassing holiday accidents for you (when you've had too much wine)! The next playsuit, item 5, intrigued me too because of the beading on top and sequins on the bottom. The print and design is pretty simple, but since the print is actually done in beading, it's a much classier item and holiday party perfect! Lastly, those shoes. I'm definitely in love with the metallic platform heels because they are so very versatile. You can wear them with any every outfit (get more bang for your buck!) They'd stand out beautifully against black sheers or opaques, go with either a dress, trousers, or shorts, and give you some great height! 

Ok, this post was very long. Thanks for reading! Time to get into the holiday cheer :)


Thursday, December 1, 2011

Entire Wardrobe Uplift...for $20

I got bangs. It's so crazy how different you can look by just changing your hair slightly. I'm happy with the result and how I feel/look new in all my clothing. I feel like I have an entirely new style and a new look. I feel more windswept, possibly more mysterious..maybe a little coy...and all together someone new. It's a complete wardrobe uplift for a $20 hair cut. Next time your sick and tired of your closet (happens to me a lot...) just go for a small hair change to reinvent yourself. Trust me, it's a lot cheaper than going shopping!

Hope you like!


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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dark and Whimsical

headpiece: street shopping

I was very excited to wear this headpiece that I was able to purchase while street shopping in Seoul. I've always wanted one of these pieces that cover half your face in mesh and lace in quite a mysterious way. I found no better way to compliment the style of this hat than with a very lady-like outfit including a salmon colored conservative dress complete with a full double layered skirt and a wonderful fur jacket. Paired it with opaques and my italian heels for a whimsical day for exploring the very artistic streets nearby a famous art school in Seoul. 

I created a lookbook and will also post items there. However, my blogger has been acting up, so I cannot add any fancy buttons to make it easy for you to click! Instead just check out the link here



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perche pop up shop

dress: vintage, ring: forever21, purse: michael kors, sheers: hue, shoes: pupi d'angieri

Was in Garosugil this weekend and spotted a pop up shop for Perche shoes. Fell in love with the new Korean brand! Check their website (above). At the pop up shop, all shoes were only 49,000 korean won...that translates into less than $49 USD. Maybe somewhere around $45? Anyways, what a great deal for the stylish shoes, and having Miranda Kerr as their spokesmodel made the pop up even better! UNFORTUNATELY....my tiny feet (5 1/2) couldn't fit into any of the sizes available then, so I went home empty handed. But then, I realized if you register through their website, you can get membership price of 49,000 on everything too! Right now, they are out of stock of all my favorite shoes, but come restock for my favs and sizes, I'll be running up a credit card bill!! 

For the outfit I wore, I chose a vintage sleeveless black dress with a slit in the back. It's so versatile to work with many different styles, I've tried a few ways already and will compare and show you later. I love the fit on me, but the slit in the back definitely makes it an extra fav. It can be worked as sexy or classic or even ruggish (will demonstrate soon!) Just an extra detail that I love...


On a random side note, saw this ad in a magazine I flipped through in a cafe. Such a different image of Ralph Lauren. I know that many brands tailor to domestic tastes such as Zara or H&M. They would have slightly different clothing sold in different countries depending on the market. However, I didn't know that designers drastically change their image depending on the country. I know this comes from his Fall '11 collection that obviously has Asian influences, however I feel that this change is too drastic and doesn't fit the Ralph Lauren name. It was a pretty shocking ad when I flipped through the magazine. 

That is all!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Gothic Fairytale

I was very captivated by the theme and style of this 'gothic fairytale' video. ELLE Korea teamed with YG's female entertainment artists for a charity event. The final product showcases awe inspiring fashion and enrapturing scenes that consumes my full attention from the very beginning. Not to mention the heavy dubstep like music ties it all together into an eerie but high fashion feeling. Gothic fairytale indeed, the dark mood mixed in with such creativity made me pretty much speechless and glued to my screen. I would die to be a stylist for such a creative project. Hope this hypnotizes you as much as it did to me!



Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mixed Match Beauty

vintage skirt: Daniel Hechter,  blouse: the loft, fishnets: hue, shoes: vintage casadei

Wore this outfit to church a few weeks back. I love mixing and matching many prints. Both items have a very feminine and conservative appeal, but I like the different edge my leopard printed blouse gives my classic skirt. I added in a pair of fishnets instead of plain black sheers to add more texture to the outfit, and finished off with my vintage italian heels. (I'm obsessed with vintage style these days!!) These heels are normally skin colored, but they pop against my black stockings. I wish I could go back to this weather that was perfectly comfortable when topped off in my menswear inspired coat. A finishing contrast on a very ladylike outfit. Now it's pretty cold in Seoul, which forced me to purchase a new coat!! That I will show you later :) 



Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Roberto Cavalli

skirt: vintage Roberto Cavalli, sunglasses: raybans, denim printed shirt+scarf+oxfords: street shopping, tights: hue

Spent the day walking along the Hangang River. It was so beautiful and such a warm day. Surprised that on that side of the river, it was nice and blue. I was so excited to wear my new (vintage) Roberto Cavalli skirt that I recently had tailored. It has such beautiful detailing everywhere:

The detailing feels so regal it makes this skirt such a classic. I'm so lucky that it has kept up very well over the decades (but of course! It's Roberto Cavalli!) Originally, the skirt was too big with very wide sides. I'm guessing it was the style back then since I kept the waist the same size, however I am very fortunate that my tailor (who's apparently a magician) was able to keep the detailing on the sides while he tailored perfectly to mine. Having a tailor is addictive and worth it when you can get clothes to be magically your exact size! (Invest in one now!) 

I paired the denim with my denim printed shirt, flesh tone tights for the weather, and oxfords for the comfort. Overall, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple to showcase this fantastic skirt.