Sunday, July 31, 2011

More New York

Soho street market

Last weekend was a lot of fun in New York. There's always so much going on, and so much to do. Too bad the heat wave was pretty unbearable; I felt bad for those officers dancing and singing in Rockefeller Plaza. It must have been hard to look happy and smile while dancing in 100 degree weather...

Stopped by Magnolia bakery, I highly recommend the banana pudding. I don't generally love bananas, but the pudding was definitely worth the try. And of course who could forget Harry Potter?? I remember when I was younger I waited outside of a Barnes and Nobles for hours just to get JK Rowling's autograph. I never got it and cried my eyes out for days! HP rocks, and the picture is from the Lego store. Makes me want to be a kid again and buy the set!!

I miss New York, but Seoul has been a really great city to me so far. I'll show some pictures soon!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

West Village

shirt: H&M, dress: BCBG, crossbody: forever21, shoes: street market in Korea

The weekend before I left for Seoul, I spent it in New York. I hung around the West Village, ate egyptian food at Casa La Femme and came across this wonderful urban bicycle shop: They have really nice owners, awesome old school bicycles, and a very interesting shop setting (reference pictures above). I recommend to go visit them in the West Village, if you're not interested in bicycles it's still a fun area to hang around in. 


I also hung around the Hudson and snapped some pictures of the water. Isn't it beautiful?

More NYC pictures to come..

Friday, July 29, 2011

Airport Fashion

slouchy knit- Valley Girl, graphic printed tee- Korean boutique, jeans- Who A.U. 
sandals- Michael Kors, crossbody + ring- forever21, necklace- Juicy Couture

What to wear during a flight can sometimes be tricky. If it's a short domestic flight, then it's easy to wear any outfit without worrying. You're only sitting for a little while. But, international flights (like my 14 hour direct flight) can make you think again about what you'll wear.

There are always extremes with fellow passengers' outfits--there are those in heels and blouses sacrificing comfort for beauty, and then there are those in sweats obviously only thinking about comfort. I strategically planned my outfit for a little of both.

Here's my thought process for my 14 hr flight:

1) A pair of dark washed skinny jeans, tee, and nice zip up is always a very cute and casual look
2) I wore a graphic printed tee to add more style to my outfit, so it didn't look too plain
3) My zipup is a lightweight, slouchy knit. It's very comfortable, is lightweight but keeps me perfectly warm on a plane, and is slouchy with bat winged sleeves adding more style
4) My Michael Kors sandals come with heels, made me look a little more dressed up, but were oh so easy to slip off during security! (main reason I wore them...gotta hustle during airport security!!)
5) I brought my cross body that is beautifully beaded from forever21 (only $15!) to dress my look up further, but it was also very functional: surprisingly held my passport, phone, camera, lipglosses, and ipod. Was still very lightweight, so I didn't need to stow it, I actually kept it on during my whole flight.
6) Just added a few easy details to my outfit such as the ring, necklace, and hair tie (not a real detail, but had it handy in case I wanted to tie my hair up...kept it down for easy sleeping on the plane!)

I was comfortable during my entire flight, it was smooth with a lot of food, movies, and sleep. Sounds more like therapy, right??


Saw this Prada ad in the sky magazine...pretty sure I need one now even if I need to literally live out of my suitcase.... :)

Hope you have a great next flight. Stay comfortable and stylish! :)


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I'll miss you Marshalls!!

I bought this lovely floral dress today. It's complete with a sweetheart bodice, tulle mesh at the bottom, and a skinny braided belt. It's definitely killer on, can be dressed up or down, or accessorized for different styles. The best part of it is that it was only $16 from Marshalls! I know...too good to be true :)

I love Marshalls. They sell amazing designer clothing, handbags, and shoes with discounted prices, but they also have a wide range of no name brands who make pretty cute clothing (reference picture above). It's the best store for those on a tight budget (like me most of the time), and you're guaranteed to find something you love every time you go.

I'm going to miss Marshalls since I'm moving to Korea tomorrow! Catching a pm flight for 14 straight hours (I'm actually looking forward to the flight!!) No more amazingly discounted designer items! But don't worry Marshalls, I'll be back!

Your loyal customer


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Socks Socks Socks

I just finished my PR internship. A client of theirs is HUE, so I was able to take home as many tights as I wanted. So happy that I scored those fringe leggings, nordic sweater tight (which is SO WARM), and those red corduroys! There's also a tuxedo striped legging that reminds me of Yigal's tuxedo striped pant! So happy! And of course I stocked up on my share of gorgeous colorful opaques, the sweater print tight, a bunch of anklets (because you know that anklets are the it sock for fall!), and some awesome printed liners.

Socks add so much character to any outfit. They can instantly change the mood of your clothing; socks are an important accessory! I recommend everyone to try HUE--these socks, tights, and leggings are so incredibly comfortable, affordable, and most importantly stylish!

Thank you to my internship for providing me with a great internship and great socks! I'm all set for Fall!...a few Falls... :)


Wednesday, July 20, 2011


With Ben Malka, Max Azria president, possibly becoming head of Halston Heritage, and Marie Mazelis, creative director of Max Azria, leaving...what's going to happen to Max Azria??

I remember the first designer dress I ever owned was BCBG Max Azria. I actually found it in a nice boutique in Florida and wore it to my 8th grade graduation ceremony. Lucky 13 year old I was! Anyways, BCBG and I go way back, and I feel very connected/ hoping for the best for the brand's looming future.

On a side note, enjoy my favorite picks from


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Modern day hippie

(shirt: thrifted, lace shorts: Marshalls, scarf: H&M (old))

Today, I felt like completely experimenting with my style and trying something new. I woke up this morning, and was in the hippie mood. You know, the free-spirited, let's run and frolick and play, and give out free hugs mood. No, I'm only some extent. Anyways, I played around with my silky brown, lace shorts (I snagged for $12 at Marshall's!!) that are surprisingly very versatile, donned a cotton thrifted shirt, and finished with my lipstick printed scarf from H&M. There is something so satisfactory about being able to wear a great outfit that did not cost me a pretty penny... :)


In the spirit of experimentation....
I've been loving experimentation with colors and cell phone apps :)

Have a nice day.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who run the world? GIRLS!

These images were taken from
These images were taken from

Topshop’s Fall 11 lookbook features a menswear inspired collection called 'New Mod.' It uses classic cuts and shapes, but the reason why this collection is so appealing comes down to the added details. Details details details...are EVERYTHING! The strategic use of metallic accents, hounds tooth prints and polka dots add so much unexpected flavor to every piece of clothing.
I also fell in love with Yigal Azrouel’s Fall 2011 runway. He did an amazing job of incorporating silk and fur into classic menswear. Also, his tuxedo striped pant won me over 1000 X’s!
Overall, I think these lines are very versatile, can empower any woman, and can make anyone look well put together and fabulous!



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