Friday, July 29, 2011

Airport Fashion

slouchy knit- Valley Girl, graphic printed tee- Korean boutique, jeans- Who A.U. 
sandals- Michael Kors, crossbody + ring- forever21, necklace- Juicy Couture

What to wear during a flight can sometimes be tricky. If it's a short domestic flight, then it's easy to wear any outfit without worrying. You're only sitting for a little while. But, international flights (like my 14 hour direct flight) can make you think again about what you'll wear.

There are always extremes with fellow passengers' outfits--there are those in heels and blouses sacrificing comfort for beauty, and then there are those in sweats obviously only thinking about comfort. I strategically planned my outfit for a little of both.

Here's my thought process for my 14 hr flight:

1) A pair of dark washed skinny jeans, tee, and nice zip up is always a very cute and casual look
2) I wore a graphic printed tee to add more style to my outfit, so it didn't look too plain
3) My zipup is a lightweight, slouchy knit. It's very comfortable, is lightweight but keeps me perfectly warm on a plane, and is slouchy with bat winged sleeves adding more style
4) My Michael Kors sandals come with heels, made me look a little more dressed up, but were oh so easy to slip off during security! (main reason I wore them...gotta hustle during airport security!!)
5) I brought my cross body that is beautifully beaded from forever21 (only $15!) to dress my look up further, but it was also very functional: surprisingly held my passport, phone, camera, lipglosses, and ipod. Was still very lightweight, so I didn't need to stow it, I actually kept it on during my whole flight.
6) Just added a few easy details to my outfit such as the ring, necklace, and hair tie (not a real detail, but had it handy in case I wanted to tie my hair up...kept it down for easy sleeping on the plane!)

I was comfortable during my entire flight, it was smooth with a lot of food, movies, and sleep. Sounds more like therapy, right??


Saw this Prada ad in the sky magazine...pretty sure I need one now even if I need to literally live out of my suitcase.... :)

Hope you have a great next flight. Stay comfortable and stylish! :)


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