Sunday, July 31, 2011

More New York

Soho street market

Last weekend was a lot of fun in New York. There's always so much going on, and so much to do. Too bad the heat wave was pretty unbearable; I felt bad for those officers dancing and singing in Rockefeller Plaza. It must have been hard to look happy and smile while dancing in 100 degree weather...

Stopped by Magnolia bakery, I highly recommend the banana pudding. I don't generally love bananas, but the pudding was definitely worth the try. And of course who could forget Harry Potter?? I remember when I was younger I waited outside of a Barnes and Nobles for hours just to get JK Rowling's autograph. I never got it and cried my eyes out for days! HP rocks, and the picture is from the Lego store. Makes me want to be a kid again and buy the set!!

I miss New York, but Seoul has been a really great city to me so far. I'll show some pictures soon!


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  1. The photos look great! Especially the black and white one of the chocolate chunk blondie. YUM!!!