Monday, August 15, 2011

TJ's Chocolate Factory saves the rainy day

tshirt from: tjchocolate, lace shorts: Marshalls, Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft

It was extremely rainy out the other day. The type of rain that makes you wonder if you want to step outside. However, I had to meet a great bunch of kids for dinner (and had a lot of fun), so I tried to dress smart. I wondered what would hold up in the rain; if I got soaked (and I almost did) what would still hold up well and look good? I turned to my favorite t-shirt designed by my friend Tom from Tom and John's Chocolate Factory. They are recent college grads who created a T-Shirt label that debuted in Chicago. From my knowledge, I believe the brand is moving to NYC, so keep a look out for them and check their site here

I turned to this t-shirt because I love the print, definitely think the panda climbing the Empire State Building is too cute! And, the t-shirt stands out to make a statement, which in turn makes it easy to style with. The bold print can easily be the center of the outfit, so wearing simpler items such as shorts and a light jacket (such as the one above that is useful in every rainy outfit) will always look good. Thinking about it, a printed t-shirt such as this can be worn with a cute skirt, jeans, or any type of shorts. This is definitely becoming a staple in my closet for casual looks! 

It's supposed to rain all week again. I guess I'll have to come up with more rainy day outfits!

Catch you later


Friday, August 12, 2011

Think Pink

nail polish: Color Club Professional Nail Lacquer in Lazer Pink

Yesterday I was inspired by my hot pink nail polish--the perfect summer color in my opinion. I decided to create an outfit revolving around my nail lacquer:

dress: BCBG Maxazria, hoodie: valley girl, jacket+scarf: Ann Taylor Loft, doctor inspired bag: TJ Max, toe nail polish: innisfree, LUCIDarling fantastic nails

I love the unbalanced bottom on my hot pink dress (a gift from a great friend!!). It's a very snug dress (actually very skin tight)--something I'd wear at night for going to a lounge or bar, but I wanted to play with it and dress it down. I added my slouchy light pink sweater to make the initial dress more casual, and added a khaki jacket (great for the rain here) to finish the look. Tipped it off with a floral scarf with yellow and pink accents for a sweeter look, and I added my black doctor bag with gold metal finishings. I also painted my toes light pink and added rose colored glitter on (Sephora inspired). At first when I was painting them, I was freaked out by the amount of glitter the brush put on my nails, but from a distance, my toes sparkle beautifully now! 

This summer heat that seems to never be ending (I'm itching for fall!) is the perfect time to whip out your hot pink items--to think pink!

...but not like that.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's in the details

Man from Parson's boutique

Met this man in the Parson's boutique in Garosugil, and he was nice enough to let me take a picture! From his paisley tie to his striped socks, this guy has got some style! Never met a man who is brave enough to wear pastel yellow pants. And might I add, his glasses adds a perfect finishing touch. 

It seems like he put much thought into this outfit--the details are just right!

You go man from Parson's!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


shorts+sweater top+purse: forever21 , snake print liner: HUE, striped mesh shirt+ heels: korean street shopping, jewelry: handmade in India

Ghostin' it up! This outfit is pretty school girl inspired from the striped sweater top with a bow to the plaid shorts. School girls are normally viewed as very cute (or possibly skanky..), but for me, they actually really freak me out. Thanks to The Grudge and any other Asian horror movie, school girls remind of me zombies and ghosts. Don't I kind of look freaky??


Lately, I like to layer stripes, and I'm always looking to mix textures. Also, my new obsession is printed liners. I'm really digging the snake printed liner, it adds a lot of unexpected character to any outfit, and it is pretty neutral in color making it easy to style with (aka matches everything!).

Hmmm...I wonder what will inspire me today?

Will post later

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where am I going?

blouse: system, white tank: forever21 , purple tank: borrowed, shorts: express , belt: urban outfitters , heels: system, purse: hyundai department store

I love the mix of textures in my outfit--the offwhite silk finishing on my striped, wool sweater, my braided brown belt, the eyelet texture of my black shorts, the silver studs on my heels, and the golden braided chain on my purse. I especially love the pop of color my purple mesh tank gives with its hot pink accenting pockets. These details and textures are very small and almost unnoticeable, but placed all together and a great outfit is born. But, the real question of the day is...where the heck am I going in this outfit?

Shopping? shop? even more typical...a nice bar or lounge? probably most typical. But nope! It is none of these. In fact, I am going to (watch) zumba!! Reference below.

very cute mesh tank, huh? I like how the sides are fully open too

Yepp! That's right! It's time to zumbaaaaa! My mother is an instructor and an avid zumba-er, so I went to watch her in a class...and borrowed her shirt for support! In fact..

Oops I wore the same shirt as the instructor that day!! Loved watching her class, made me itching to go out, drink and dance! She was actually on national television promoting zumba in Korea. If you're in Seoul, like zumba, click here.

Anyways, that was my outfit adventure of the day. Stay tuned for more!


Monday, August 8, 2011

Story of my life

images found hereThe Terminal ELLE July 2011
Came across this photospread and thought how similar my recent airport experience was to this. I mean..minus the Louis Vuitton luggage, Chanel jewelry, and Tom Ford sunglasses (not the Perrier, I like mine with lime ;D) But still, isn't airport security a bitch?

Have a nice day :)


Sunday, August 7, 2011

j'adore Garosu-gil

blouse: H&M (old), skirt: Daniel Hechter Paris, wedges: Anne Klein, purse: Hyundai department store, bow in hair: forever21, ring: forever21, bracelet: handmade in India

Garosugil is a street in the Gangnam area of Seoul. It has quite the parisian influence (reference picture below), so I whipped out my Parisian skirt in pursuit of becoming the french girl. French women have such a way of dressing very boldly but keeping it ultra feminine and gorgeous. I felt very empowered with my bold shoulders and sweeping skirt, but still felt very delicate and ladylike! I love the print of my Daniel Hechter skirt. It's actually a gift from a friend who owned it in the 80's. The print incorporates the perfect amount of greens and golds while accenting with just enough pink and red. J'adore mi amor jupe! (translation: I love my lovely I've never taken french...) Anyways, I paired my skirt with my light golden wedges as a neutral shoe, and of striped purse matches everything!


Some shots from the area. It has a great European feel, not that I've been to Europe (someday!). I'd love to see Paris, but for now, I'll just have to chill in Garosugil :)

Have a nice day!


P.S.- by the way, I just put together my styling portfolio. Take a look HERE and let me know what you think :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011

International Stripes

striped dress: Soul boutique in Seoul, shoes: street shopping in Seoul, purse: Hyundai department store, ring: forever21, bracelet: handmade in India, fan: Insadong, tie dye socks: bought in Macy's an incredibly long time ago

Yesterday, I went to Itaewon to pick out fabrics for my dad's handmade suits. It's a very international area in Seoul where there are a lot of foreigners (and hookers and trannies). I wanted to capture the spirit of the area in my outfit, so I thought about upstaging the working women there ;) Alas, I was with my parents and mellowed out my outfit to include stripes. Over the past few years, stripes have become an international fashion staple. We have replaced the basic tee with the striped v-neck. So, in ode to Itaewon, I wore my oversized striped dress!! I wore it with pink tie dyed socks to add some SWAG. I'm finding that I like weirder and stranger styles these days. I like my outfits to continually be fresh and new. I think personal style should develop and update through the years--just wearing the same things the same way each time becomes too boring for me. And of course to compliment my dress, I purchased a highlighter yellow fan (a necessity in the summer here). The pop of color meshes well with my bold but simple print.

Today,  I think I'll be a french girl. Will post pictures tomorrow!


Friday, August 5, 2011

Jeremy Scott and KPOP

pictures from

I first became introduced to Jeremy Scott's outlandish and original designs through listening to kpop. The designer, known for his close friendship with the famous kpop group 2NE1, has provided many amazing statement outfits for these girls. Currently, his SS11 Boudoir Bombshell line has been further catching on in the industry and has been seen in performances on not only 2NE1 but also 4minute. Hmm..who wore it better?

I remember seeing his adidas Original's Fall 11 lookbook (designed with obvious kpop influence) and being able to see every outfit on members of 2NE1. Oh wait...but now I really can. I love Jeremy Scott's designs for the extra imagination he puts in every piece. For me, he puts the excitement back into fashion by creating new pieces with a playful vision that no other designer has or can come close to imitating. 

Check out my 2 faves from his lookbook below: 

Off to Itaewon, the international area of Seoul, today. Will post pictures later.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer Styling

It's so incredibly hot and humid in Korea right now, so I've put more attention into accessories to finish my outfits and keep me cool. I love the mix of orange leather and stripes in my new purse my cousins bought me. My lipstick is also orange, guess I'm into that color right now too, huh? I love the oversized rims on my new wayfarers, a nice twist to a recently classic item. And of course a simple bangle to finish any look. 

Can't wait to show you how to incorporate these items into every outfit :)


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hongdae Bound

jumper: Urban Outfitters, skull printed blouse: Korean boutique in Hongdae, necklace: gift, bracelet: street shopping in India, wayfarers: street market in Soho

Went shopping with my cousins the other day. Was bound for Hongdae, an area in Seoul known for its art, graffiti, clubs, and bars. A great area to be in for youth if you like shopping, dancing, and drinking (yes to all three for me!). 

Had a more street style approach by layering a cotton jumper and a skull printed blouse for more edge. I wanted to match the more relaxed and hip hop inspired atmosphere that Hongdae encourages... 


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Modern Living

Saw this modern apartment in the Jamsil area of Seoul. I think it has a nice balance of modern yet still homey. And of course there's still a lot of light within the apartment too (definitely something I always look for in living spaces.) Normally, I don't like too modern of homes because I feel as if they are not livable or homey enough. But...I'd definitely live here...I mean if I have to ;)


Monday, August 1, 2011


Took these photos in my backyard shortly before I left New Jersey. It was a pretty lazy day; I pretty much lounged inside except for a quick run to the wine store (yes, I'm 21). I felt cute and flirty, but wanted a casual and lounge-y outfit. So I layered my two dresses for a lace bottom underneath and finished with my Michael Kors staple bag and shoes. For accessories, I wore a bracelet and wrapped a rhinestone necklace around my wrist for added jewelry.