Saturday, August 6, 2011

International Stripes

striped dress: Soul boutique in Seoul, shoes: street shopping in Seoul, purse: Hyundai department store, ring: forever21, bracelet: handmade in India, fan: Insadong, tie dye socks: bought in Macy's an incredibly long time ago

Yesterday, I went to Itaewon to pick out fabrics for my dad's handmade suits. It's a very international area in Seoul where there are a lot of foreigners (and hookers and trannies). I wanted to capture the spirit of the area in my outfit, so I thought about upstaging the working women there ;) Alas, I was with my parents and mellowed out my outfit to include stripes. Over the past few years, stripes have become an international fashion staple. We have replaced the basic tee with the striped v-neck. So, in ode to Itaewon, I wore my oversized striped dress!! I wore it with pink tie dyed socks to add some SWAG. I'm finding that I like weirder and stranger styles these days. I like my outfits to continually be fresh and new. I think personal style should develop and update through the years--just wearing the same things the same way each time becomes too boring for me. And of course to compliment my dress, I purchased a highlighter yellow fan (a necessity in the summer here). The pop of color meshes well with my bold but simple print.

Today,  I think I'll be a french girl. Will post pictures tomorrow!


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