Monday, August 15, 2011

TJ's Chocolate Factory saves the rainy day

tshirt from: tjchocolate, lace shorts: Marshalls, Jacket: Ann Taylor Loft

It was extremely rainy out the other day. The type of rain that makes you wonder if you want to step outside. However, I had to meet a great bunch of kids for dinner (and had a lot of fun), so I tried to dress smart. I wondered what would hold up in the rain; if I got soaked (and I almost did) what would still hold up well and look good? I turned to my favorite t-shirt designed by my friend Tom from Tom and John's Chocolate Factory. They are recent college grads who created a T-Shirt label that debuted in Chicago. From my knowledge, I believe the brand is moving to NYC, so keep a look out for them and check their site here

I turned to this t-shirt because I love the print, definitely think the panda climbing the Empire State Building is too cute! And, the t-shirt stands out to make a statement, which in turn makes it easy to style with. The bold print can easily be the center of the outfit, so wearing simpler items such as shorts and a light jacket (such as the one above that is useful in every rainy outfit) will always look good. Thinking about it, a printed t-shirt such as this can be worn with a cute skirt, jeans, or any type of shorts. This is definitely becoming a staple in my closet for casual looks! 

It's supposed to rain all week again. I guess I'll have to come up with more rainy day outfits!

Catch you later



  1. Christine, I check your blog maybe 5 times a day for updates!! I miss you!! Love, Chloe

  2. This Tshirt is so cute!!!

    miss you, girl!

  3. hey, one of my co-workers spotted me checking out this blog. She stared at me for the longest time and then asked me if I secretly fantasized about women's clothing during work. All I could manage to say was

    polka dots. marc jocobs. they're all the rage lately.

    now they all think i'm gay. lol.