Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where am I going?

blouse: system, white tank: forever21 , purple tank: borrowed, shorts: express , belt: urban outfitters , heels: system, purse: hyundai department store

I love the mix of textures in my outfit--the offwhite silk finishing on my striped, wool sweater, my braided brown belt, the eyelet texture of my black shorts, the silver studs on my heels, and the golden braided chain on my purse. I especially love the pop of color my purple mesh tank gives with its hot pink accenting pockets. These details and textures are very small and almost unnoticeable, but placed all together and a great outfit is born. But, the real question of the day is...where the heck am I going in this outfit?

Shopping? typical...coffee shop? even more typical...a nice bar or lounge? probably most typical. But nope! It is none of these. In fact, I am going to (watch) zumba!! Reference below.

very cute mesh tank, huh? I like how the sides are fully open too

Yepp! That's right! It's time to zumbaaaaa! My mother is an instructor and an avid zumba-er, so I went to watch her in a class...and borrowed her shirt for support! In fact..

Oops I wore the same shirt as the instructor that day!! Loved watching her class, made me itching to go out, drink and dance! She was actually on national television promoting zumba in Korea. If you're in Seoul, like zumba, click here.

Anyways, that was my outfit adventure of the day. Stay tuned for more!


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