Monday, September 12, 2011


cape: dooda shopping mall, jeans: miley cyrus max azria, white burnout tank+cross necklace: forever21, oxfords+blue tank+ bracelet+ headband: street shopping, purse: hyundai department store

Went to church on Sunday, wanted to play around with my new black cape. Matched it with acid washed jeans and a burnout tee to balance casual and strict. I like how the cape can be very playful and matched with almost any outfit or item of choice. I matched my raspberry striped headband to compliment the light pink inner lining that peeks through my cape. Wore my chocolate brown pointed toed oxfords to balance out skinny jeans and add great shape to legs. (Many friends ask for advice on what pair of heels to buy. I always tell them to go pointier rather than rounder. Pointed toed shoes do way more for your legs!) Added simple jewelry to not overpower the acid washed jeans I bought from Walmart (while intensely food shopping, they caught my eye!) and to keep the balance of chic and street. And of course I added stripes somewhere in my outfit too :)

Took the pictures in a random garden in front of a few apartment buildings. What a beautiful gazebo and tree...just noticed the frog chilling there too haha.

After church, grabbed a cup of coffee with a friend at a Cafe Pascucci in the Coex Mall. What a cute latte, I wonder how they make this? What cute hearts! Or maybe it's in the shape of a butt? Either way, it depends on your point of view (literally!.)

Anyways, I'm on holiday right now. Glad to take a break from classes! After only 2 weeks haha. If you're in Korea, Happy Chuseok! If not, enjoy your day :)



  1. geez christine, that coffee looks really good.

    i bet it was really tasty. :)