Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fall investments

I walked around Dooda (a shopping mall) for hours just examining each display of clothing. These three pieces definitely caught my eye, broke my bank, and couldn't be left behind. For fall, I wanted to focus on chic and also casual looks. All three of these pieces can be dressed entirely up or be made more casual. I focused on two toned clothing with deep rich colors and accenting finishes. I love the light pink undertone on my black cape blazer, the accenting tan skirt and belt on my dress, the small shoulder pads on my knitted blazer, and the silver finishing buttons. I can't wait to show you guys how versatile each of these items are, but first...accessories!

Backpack+Oxfords: Ewha street shopping, Nail polish: Face It, Headbands+jewelry+Fakes: random street shopping

I'm into deep chocolate-y browns for accenting colors. I also love the boyishness of the backpack and oxford shoes. These details can give great contrast to overly feminine dresses or blouses. I'm into brights and classics when it comes to nail polish. I believe that the color of your nails can potentially change the mood of an entire outfit. I'm excited to wear bright yellow nail polish with a strict black blazer, or matching it to feminine clothing. Also, a modest coat of glitter nail polish can make nails look salon finished and easily styled. I found these twistable headbands while randomly street shopping. They can be twisted into any shape on your head and as tight or loose as you'd like. How versatile! I chose the deep brown headband to match my hair and add subtle detailing and chose the raspberry and black striped headband to feed my stripes obsession! They are really fun to play around with just like the fake eye lashes I invested in. I shall try them while on a night out for more glam! 

Next shopping needs: Knitted slouchy sweaters to layer over all my dresses and to add warmth!

YAY! Fall is pretty much here! I'm so excited :)

Have a lovely day!



  1. Ahh I love that gray blazer with the black sheer lining, it's SO perfect!