Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Method to my madness

shirt: Miley Cyrus Max Azria, pants: marshalls, scarf: ann taylor Loft, heels: system, purse: vintage, necklace: forever21, bracelet: street shopping

Went to Hongdae once again for Japanese curry! I can't stay away from it! But anyways, it was a very casual dinner, so I wanted to wear very relaxed clothing. Also, most the time I'm running out the door (running late...mainly to class) and I always want to throw on something easy but yet put together. Thus, I created my casual wear rule: 

a nice pair of jeans+heels=always looks nice.
a slouchy relaxed shirt + an easy cardigan + a scarf= you look effortlessly put together
add a statement bag for more touch = voila!! perfect easy, comfortable, thoughtless outfit
perfect for on the go!

I love my new (yet old) purse. It's vintage from my mother. The standout blue, sturdy half moon shape, and big size makes it a must in my closet! My mother almost sold it in a garage sale, but I definitely saved it :) 

Randomly passed by a dance performance in the middle of Hongdae. That's why I love going there so much: there's so much going on on the streets!

And of course I loved my meal! I'm pretty sure the Japanese curry is very Koreanized, but it tastes delicious! Fried chicken with a spicy gravy and  yogurt on the side= YUM! (Haha, actually maybe that doesn't sound so good...)

On a side note: if you thought that fashion season is almost over, guess again! Seoul Fashion Week is coming up in October. How exciting

Well, have a nice day :)



  1. loveee the outfit and it's so cool that you have random dancers in the street! reminds me how you can find the same thing in europe :)

  2. thanks Don Don! Yeah Hongdae is very entertaining like Europe!