Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Raincheck for Japanese Curry

dress+belt: urban outfitters, cardigan: free people, wedges: anne klein, necklace: juicy couture

Ate some delicious Japanese curry in Hongdae the other day. Took a cue from the Japanese minimalist culture (sometimes...Harajuku is definitely not really...minimal) and wore a simple strapless dress, an easy and slouchy cardigan I use to dress up or down, and my innovative rain boots. I came up with the idea that wedges are one of the greatest pair of shoes to wear during rain. Why? It doesn't matter if you step in puddles, your feet don't get wet. Then if they do get wet just walking in the rain, since it's open toe, your feet dry quickly. Hey, it's better than wearing a pair of wet socks, right? I love the simplicity of this outfit and think strapless dresses accents shoulders nicely. If you have broad shoulders, wear them proudly! They are beautiful. Anyways, I got rained on very hard, found my theory about wedges full-proof, and am now glad that the rainy season is over.

I bought much cute fall items the other night. I shall share later!


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  1. my heart sank when I discovered you were in hong dae and you didn't tell me.

    excuse me while i cry myself to sleep.