Monday, October 31, 2011

Still stuck on sweaters

sweater: street shopping in hongdae, shirt: urban outfitters, tights: hue, shoes: street shopping in ehwa

Was shopping around hongdae yet again. Found some graffiti and had a good time posing with them ladies :) Wore my favorite floral dress that has a bodice and sweatheart top. To make it more casual, I layered a comfy sweater over it. I'm loving these knitted slouchy sweaters that has an exaggerated shoulder. Wore black opaques because it was a bit chilly out, but it ties together the outfit since it matches my skirt. Finished with brown oxfords. Who said you can't match black with brown? :)

Currently in search of an all American breakfast. Ready set go!


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweater Time

sweater+jean shirt: street shopping, tuxedo leggings: HUE

Fall is for sweaters! Trying to build up my collection here in Korea. I like the slouchy shoulder, front pocket, and red stripes on this sweater. Paired it with a jean shirt, simple necklace, and a pair of leggings. Just the right outfit for slightly cool weather. It's getting colder now, so I'm throwing myself into a fur obsession. I have some great outfits to show you!



Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Plaid on Plaid con Fendi

shirt: street shopping, purse: fendi

Played around with these plaid shirts. Thought layering plaid on plaid added a nice twist. Since they are the shirts are of the same color scheme, they matched well. Added a florescent yellow fendi bag to make an extra statement. The photos taken from an iPod are a tad bit blurry, but the fendi bag is bright enough to come out beautifully. Haha, so much fun.

Gotta run!


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfect beach hat

I have this terrible habit of wanting to play around with anything pretty I see. My grandmother's hat was definitely no exception. Reference the perfect plastic wrapping, my face sans makeup, and my unattractive pajamas (snuck pictures when I finally mustered up courage to ask my grandmother if I could try it on after staring at it for 2 days!) I believe her hat was purchased in the 90's from Italy. It's the perfect beach hat with a perfect shape and gorgeous wide rim. I love the accents of black and the long length from the crown to the brim. It's a pretty mysterious hat that I can imagine while wearing a flowing dress on the beach, or in a vintage high waisted bikini in either black or with polka dots. My grandmother offered for me to keep it (so excited!!), but this hat is too pretty to take away from anyone. So it shall stay hers for now!

What can you imagine wearing with this hat?


Monday, October 17, 2011

Kickoff to the week

image from this blog

This week, fashion is in full blossom in Seoul. It's a week of many exciting fashion events including Seoul Fashion Week, University Fashion Week, and a Seminar with Dazed and Confused Mag Korea. Sounds great! Also this week: my midterms. Big buzz kill.

Well, good luck to everyone this week participating in these great events. (I need it the most.)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Beautiful Busan

Beautiful beach. Beautiful view. Beautiful time.


Saturday, October 15, 2011

What is your inspiration?

Saw the movie Coco Before Chanel last night. I never knew how empowering and inspirational this woman actually was. She lead a difficult life from a young age when she was raised in a french orphanage to when she was older and lost the love of her life. (I believe she never married or settled with another man, how tragic but oh so romantic!)
Though she was faced with a lot of trouble, she still became the iconic Coco that we know today.  Despite having no education, Coco followed her instincts and dreams by taking in inspiration from her every day life and single-handedly changing the perception of style and beauty for women everywhere. She's a woman of inner strength, individualism, and every lasting inspiration to the fashion industry! How great is she? I'm very inspired by her life story, and she just reminds me to stay true to myself (sometimes sounds very cliche, right? But, it's the truth!). In anything and everything that you do, follow your instincts, follow your heart, and never give in to any circumstances. Coco did it, so can we! A little off topic, but reminds me of Steve Jobs 'stay hungry stay foolish' speech. I believe one of my professors here at Korea University graduated from Stanford at that time and was able to listen to his commencement speech. How inspiring! Just goes to show you, those who are very successful in the industry love what they do and never compromise for anything. Rest in peace Coco and Steve.

Coco's signature "little black dress," the effortless way to stay stylish and sexy (though this dress is not that little!)

So, what is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from strong and very empowered women who know exactly what they want. Women who are afraid of nothing. In fashion, the beauty of women is continuously celebrated season by season by redefining standards of beauty or returning to the classics. I think there are just so many emotions and moods that influence women to dress in many beautiful ways. We are just such complex but beautiful creatures. As Coco has defined, there is no set standard of beauty in life nor in fashion. It's about attitude and inspiration and passion. And let's all continue that way...

Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay motivated, stay passionate...


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heels on the Beach??

Sweater blazer: dongdaemun, heels: system, beaded crossbody: forever21, striped shirt: gap

The beach in Busan was gorgeous all weekend long during my trip 2 weekends ago. To me, perfect beach weather isn't when it's scorching hot and feels good to swim. I like a slight chill with the sun still shining where I can warmly dress and stare at the shoreline. Funny, right? No, I'm not a tanner even though I'm from Jersey. I think beaches are more beautiful to look at than to actually swim at (maybe I have a fear of gigantic waves...all stemmed from experiences from when I was the Jersey Shore.) Anyways, you might be wandering, "why are you wearing heels on the boardwalk?" Truth is, in Korea, there's no place that girls wouldn't wear heels to. So, while considering my multi-domestic strategy (I'm currently studying for an International Business exam), I've adopted the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" So heels everywhere it will be! 

I generally like to wear blazers with anything and anywhere. I was hesitant about the grey on grey aspect, but once I tried it on, I found it to be just fine. Can you tell my sweater blazer has slight shoulder padding? Contrary to many's beliefs, I think shoulder padding is amazing and instantly reshapes your body to look better. (Especially if you have narrow shoulders, I would consider purchasing items with small shoulder pads.) I purchased my striped turtle neck way back in high school, (actually not that way back, I'm not that old..!) But, I never really appreciated it until now. Don't you love when that happens? When an old item in your closet suddenly becomes your closet staple? I have a small neck, so turtlenecks are a little hard for me to wear, but still, I'm falling in love with this shirt. 

Sigh, I can't get over how nice the beach was. I'll post more pictures later!


Oh My GD

Anti-pasta at Primo BacioBaci in Hongdae

Has delicious Italian food in the Hongdae area. This restaurant, Primo BacioBaci, is definitely the best Italian food in Seoul. And pricing is very student friendly (at least for lunch). That anti-pasta was definitely as good as it looks!

check the items here and here

I tried out the American Apparel here in Korea, and was very unimpressed. Too small of a selection and no sizes. But I did like this outfit I tried on: a striped body suit with high waisted pleated pant. I've been looking around for a flesh colored long sleeve body suit. I think it'll be easy to pair with any bottom and is fitted and chic. I couldn't find one at American Apparel, but this striped one caught my eye. Fitting was definitely super tight, but I really like how it looks with pleated pants, though I am not digging the slightly baggy pleated pants trend (mind you these sizes are all xs...and they all still seem to be big). I took a sneak snapshot while trying it on (not really allowed anywhere in Korea =X), but decided fitting and pricing wasn't ideal and left empty-handed. I shall continue my search elsewhere for these items!

Went street shopping yet again and snagged these two lovely sweaters. Both were under 20 USD! I think it's a great steal considering that I'm planning to layer these sweaters over all my dresses for casual cozy looks. Stay tuned :) 

So, when I was walking around the streets of Hongdae, I was handed this:

G-Dragon, a famous Korean singer from a boy band Big Bang, is on the cover of 1st Look. Inside, he does a photo shoot for Bean Pole and the magazine itself, and of course looks extra always. 

Pretty sure he's the only one who can pull off a down hiking vest over a suit. It actually looks pretty natural on him. I love Bean Pole's shoot and it's accents of reds in most of the outfits! 

Group projects are finished, on to mid terms! 

Sleep well everyone! ^^


Monday, October 10, 2011

I couldn't resist myself!

twilight tee: street shopping, high waisted skinnies: guess, jacket: ann taylor loft, wedges: anne klein

I think this outfit is very simple but classic. I love my high waisted skinnies, Guess really knows how to make jeans that give anyone a nice butt. I found my twilight shirt in a random men's store in Seoul. I was just walked down the street and spotted the shirt in a window display. Instant buy. Love love love! Yes, I'm a twilight fan! The shirt is really soft and thin with a white back. It's slightly sheer giving it an edgier feel. A basic and cheap buy that is exciting for me to wear (corny, I know.) But really, I'd love to see a guy sport Edward Cullen across his chest. Go Team Edward!!...I'd prefer the shirt without Bella in it...just saying! 

Anyways, I cuffed my jeans for a more classic look (and because they are pretty long. I'm cursed to be a short girl!) The weather was perfect outside with the sun shining and a slight breeze, as you can see it got pretty windy in the last few photos. I think a pair of great jeans, t-shirt, and fitted jacket goes a very long way. It's a versatile outfit that is appropriate for many occasions like class (where I was headed), or a lunch date with a friend, chilling in a coffee shop, or strolling through a park...haha I'm day dreaming now. 

Well, midterms and projects don't get done by themselves. I'm off!

Ciao bella!