Friday, October 7, 2011

Busan Bound!

coat: crencia, dress: bcbg maxazria, scarf, street shopping in insadong, heels: system, cape: dongdaemun, purse: hyundai department store

Went to Busan this past weekend and sported this outfit. Haven't seen my grandparents for a little while, so I wanted to look nice for them upon arrival. I love the new scarf I bought and how the creme color contrasts a little with my coat, but still matches. (It also matches the new coat I bought too, yay!) Scarves are the easiest way to add accents to pretty much every outfit. Normally, I have a favorite scarf every season and sport my scarf a few times a week. If you're too busy to plan out a good outfit, a nice scarf is an easy way to go!

I like the unbalanced hem on my bright pink bcbg dress and made it a statement piece by wearing all black otherwise. It definitely pops against my black cape (with a nice matching pink underside), black tights, and black heels.


This scarf is really pretty! I found it in an awesome scarf shop in Insadong, a traditional area in Seoul. They have hundreds and hundreds of beautiful scarves lined up on the wall. The best part is that all the scarves are less than 10 USD. Crazyyy! Among all the flower prints, animal prints, and tribal prints, this scarf caught my eye because of the beautiful contrast of colors. I love how the bright blue print cascades down the bottoms of the scarf and contrasts beautifully with the silky creme. Also, there are subtle hints of blues and light prints all through out the scarf. Oh, the details are just perfect! Another great thing is that it's lightweight but still very warm. Definitely my statement scarf of the season. I hope you can find a great scarf for this season too! 

These are some pictures of the view my grandparents have from their apartment at Gwangali beach. The weather was perfect all weekend long. I just love how you can see the coast line crashing into a city with mountains behind it. To me, this picture has three beautiful layers all encompassed into one beautiful view. The water was also very blue and clear! Ahh, I miss Busan! 

Will post more beautiful scenic views later!


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