Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heels on the Beach??

Sweater blazer: dongdaemun, heels: system, beaded crossbody: forever21, striped shirt: gap

The beach in Busan was gorgeous all weekend long during my trip 2 weekends ago. To me, perfect beach weather isn't when it's scorching hot and feels good to swim. I like a slight chill with the sun still shining where I can warmly dress and stare at the shoreline. Funny, right? No, I'm not a tanner even though I'm from Jersey. I think beaches are more beautiful to look at than to actually swim at (maybe I have a fear of gigantic waves...all stemmed from experiences from when I was the Jersey Shore.) Anyways, you might be wandering, "why are you wearing heels on the boardwalk?" Truth is, in Korea, there's no place that girls wouldn't wear heels to. So, while considering my multi-domestic strategy (I'm currently studying for an International Business exam), I've adopted the saying "When in Rome, do as the Romans do!" So heels everywhere it will be! 

I generally like to wear blazers with anything and anywhere. I was hesitant about the grey on grey aspect, but once I tried it on, I found it to be just fine. Can you tell my sweater blazer has slight shoulder padding? Contrary to many's beliefs, I think shoulder padding is amazing and instantly reshapes your body to look better. (Especially if you have narrow shoulders, I would consider purchasing items with small shoulder pads.) I purchased my striped turtle neck way back in high school, (actually not that way back, I'm not that old..!) But, I never really appreciated it until now. Don't you love when that happens? When an old item in your closet suddenly becomes your closet staple? I have a small neck, so turtlenecks are a little hard for me to wear, but still, I'm falling in love with this shirt. 

Sigh, I can't get over how nice the beach was. I'll post more pictures later!


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