Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oh My GD

Anti-pasta at Primo BacioBaci in Hongdae

Has delicious Italian food in the Hongdae area. This restaurant, Primo BacioBaci, is definitely the best Italian food in Seoul. And pricing is very student friendly (at least for lunch). That anti-pasta was definitely as good as it looks!

check the items here and here

I tried out the American Apparel here in Korea, and was very unimpressed. Too small of a selection and no sizes. But I did like this outfit I tried on: a striped body suit with high waisted pleated pant. I've been looking around for a flesh colored long sleeve body suit. I think it'll be easy to pair with any bottom and is fitted and chic. I couldn't find one at American Apparel, but this striped one caught my eye. Fitting was definitely super tight, but I really like how it looks with pleated pants, though I am not digging the slightly baggy pleated pants trend (mind you these sizes are all xs...and they all still seem to be big). I took a sneak snapshot while trying it on (not really allowed anywhere in Korea =X), but decided fitting and pricing wasn't ideal and left empty-handed. I shall continue my search elsewhere for these items!

Went street shopping yet again and snagged these two lovely sweaters. Both were under 20 USD! I think it's a great steal considering that I'm planning to layer these sweaters over all my dresses for casual cozy looks. Stay tuned :) 

So, when I was walking around the streets of Hongdae, I was handed this:

G-Dragon, a famous Korean singer from a boy band Big Bang, is on the cover of 1st Look. Inside, he does a photo shoot for Bean Pole and the magazine itself, and of course looks extra always. 

Pretty sure he's the only one who can pull off a down hiking vest over a suit. It actually looks pretty natural on him. I love Bean Pole's shoot and it's accents of reds in most of the outfits! 

Group projects are finished, on to mid terms! 

Sleep well everyone! ^^


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