Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfect beach hat

I have this terrible habit of wanting to play around with anything pretty I see. My grandmother's hat was definitely no exception. Reference the perfect plastic wrapping, my face sans makeup, and my unattractive pajamas (snuck pictures when I finally mustered up courage to ask my grandmother if I could try it on after staring at it for 2 days!) I believe her hat was purchased in the 90's from Italy. It's the perfect beach hat with a perfect shape and gorgeous wide rim. I love the accents of black and the long length from the crown to the brim. It's a pretty mysterious hat that I can imagine while wearing a flowing dress on the beach, or in a vintage high waisted bikini in either black or with polka dots. My grandmother offered for me to keep it (so excited!!), but this hat is too pretty to take away from anyone. So it shall stay hers for now!

What can you imagine wearing with this hat?


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