Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Rainy Day

It was extremely rainy last week in Seoul. Rainy and also chilly, so now it's time to pull out all of my tights. I like how these black opaque tights are still a little bit sheer; I think it's the perfect in between of too sexy sheers or too conservative opaques. And it's the perfect weight for this weather of 60's-low 70's. Since the weather was very dreadful, it was the first day that I could put on my rain coat! Now starts the season of coat shopping! ( One is already in my closet! :P ) I also like the oversized bow on my shirt. It's very feminine and classy--a conservative chic type of style. 

Contrasting to the chilly weather of Seoul, last weekend I went to Busan and stayed on the beach. It was gorgeous weather with gorgeous views! I already miss it dearly!! Will share pictures soon!


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