Saturday, October 15, 2011

What is your inspiration?

Saw the movie Coco Before Chanel last night. I never knew how empowering and inspirational this woman actually was. She lead a difficult life from a young age when she was raised in a french orphanage to when she was older and lost the love of her life. (I believe she never married or settled with another man, how tragic but oh so romantic!)
Though she was faced with a lot of trouble, she still became the iconic Coco that we know today.  Despite having no education, Coco followed her instincts and dreams by taking in inspiration from her every day life and single-handedly changing the perception of style and beauty for women everywhere. She's a woman of inner strength, individualism, and every lasting inspiration to the fashion industry! How great is she? I'm very inspired by her life story, and she just reminds me to stay true to myself (sometimes sounds very cliche, right? But, it's the truth!). In anything and everything that you do, follow your instincts, follow your heart, and never give in to any circumstances. Coco did it, so can we! A little off topic, but reminds me of Steve Jobs 'stay hungry stay foolish' speech. I believe one of my professors here at Korea University graduated from Stanford at that time and was able to listen to his commencement speech. How inspiring! Just goes to show you, those who are very successful in the industry love what they do and never compromise for anything. Rest in peace Coco and Steve.

Coco's signature "little black dress," the effortless way to stay stylish and sexy (though this dress is not that little!)

So, what is your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from strong and very empowered women who know exactly what they want. Women who are afraid of nothing. In fashion, the beauty of women is continuously celebrated season by season by redefining standards of beauty or returning to the classics. I think there are just so many emotions and moods that influence women to dress in many beautiful ways. We are just such complex but beautiful creatures. As Coco has defined, there is no set standard of beauty in life nor in fashion. It's about attitude and inspiration and passion. And let's all continue that way...

Stay hungry, stay foolish, stay motivated, stay passionate...


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