Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dark and Whimsical

headpiece: street shopping

I was very excited to wear this headpiece that I was able to purchase while street shopping in Seoul. I've always wanted one of these pieces that cover half your face in mesh and lace in quite a mysterious way. I found no better way to compliment the style of this hat than with a very lady-like outfit including a salmon colored conservative dress complete with a full double layered skirt and a wonderful fur jacket. Paired it with opaques and my italian heels for a whimsical day for exploring the very artistic streets nearby a famous art school in Seoul. 

I created a lookbook and will also post items there. However, my blogger has been acting up, so I cannot add any fancy buttons to make it easy for you to click! Instead just check out the link here



Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perche pop up shop

dress: vintage, ring: forever21, purse: michael kors, sheers: hue, shoes: pupi d'angieri

Was in Garosugil this weekend and spotted a pop up shop for Perche shoes. Fell in love with the new Korean brand! Check their website (above). At the pop up shop, all shoes were only 49,000 korean won...that translates into less than $49 USD. Maybe somewhere around $45? Anyways, what a great deal for the stylish shoes, and having Miranda Kerr as their spokesmodel made the pop up even better! tiny feet (5 1/2) couldn't fit into any of the sizes available then, so I went home empty handed. But then, I realized if you register through their website, you can get membership price of 49,000 on everything too! Right now, they are out of stock of all my favorite shoes, but come restock for my favs and sizes, I'll be running up a credit card bill!! 

For the outfit I wore, I chose a vintage sleeveless black dress with a slit in the back. It's so versatile to work with many different styles, I've tried a few ways already and will compare and show you later. I love the fit on me, but the slit in the back definitely makes it an extra fav. It can be worked as sexy or classic or even ruggish (will demonstrate soon!) Just an extra detail that I love...


On a random side note, saw this ad in a magazine I flipped through in a cafe. Such a different image of Ralph Lauren. I know that many brands tailor to domestic tastes such as Zara or H&M. They would have slightly different clothing sold in different countries depending on the market. However, I didn't know that designers drastically change their image depending on the country. I know this comes from his Fall '11 collection that obviously has Asian influences, however I feel that this change is too drastic and doesn't fit the Ralph Lauren name. It was a pretty shocking ad when I flipped through the magazine. 

That is all!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Gothic Fairytale

I was very captivated by the theme and style of this 'gothic fairytale' video. ELLE Korea teamed with YG's female entertainment artists for a charity event. The final product showcases awe inspiring fashion and enrapturing scenes that consumes my full attention from the very beginning. Not to mention the heavy dubstep like music ties it all together into an eerie but high fashion feeling. Gothic fairytale indeed, the dark mood mixed in with such creativity made me pretty much speechless and glued to my screen. I would die to be a stylist for such a creative project. Hope this hypnotizes you as much as it did to me!



Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mixed Match Beauty

vintage skirt: Daniel Hechter,  blouse: the loft, fishnets: hue, shoes: vintage casadei

Wore this outfit to church a few weeks back. I love mixing and matching many prints. Both items have a very feminine and conservative appeal, but I like the different edge my leopard printed blouse gives my classic skirt. I added in a pair of fishnets instead of plain black sheers to add more texture to the outfit, and finished off with my vintage italian heels. (I'm obsessed with vintage style these days!!) These heels are normally skin colored, but they pop against my black stockings. I wish I could go back to this weather that was perfectly comfortable when topped off in my menswear inspired coat. A finishing contrast on a very ladylike outfit. Now it's pretty cold in Seoul, which forced me to purchase a new coat!! That I will show you later :) 



Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Roberto Cavalli

skirt: vintage Roberto Cavalli, sunglasses: raybans, denim printed shirt+scarf+oxfords: street shopping, tights: hue

Spent the day walking along the Hangang River. It was so beautiful and such a warm day. Surprised that on that side of the river, it was nice and blue. I was so excited to wear my new (vintage) Roberto Cavalli skirt that I recently had tailored. It has such beautiful detailing everywhere:

The detailing feels so regal it makes this skirt such a classic. I'm so lucky that it has kept up very well over the decades (but of course! It's Roberto Cavalli!) Originally, the skirt was too big with very wide sides. I'm guessing it was the style back then since I kept the waist the same size, however I am very fortunate that my tailor (who's apparently a magician) was able to keep the detailing on the sides while he tailored perfectly to mine. Having a tailor is addictive and worth it when you can get clothes to be magically your exact size! (Invest in one now!) 

I paired the denim with my denim printed shirt, flesh tone tights for the weather, and oxfords for the comfort. Overall, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple to showcase this fantastic skirt. 



Saturday, November 5, 2011

Summer Colors in Fall Weather

white tee+green jacket: street shopping, beige jacket: the loft, skirt/dress: forever21, shoes: converse

Thought as the seasons were changing to fall, that this might be the last time I could wear my favorite colorful skirt. It's actually a dress, but I didn't realize it when I bought it. I like it more as a high waisted skirt :) Anyways, before I hop on the fall color train with everyone else, meaning jet black outfits (which I love), muted colors, auburns and browns and burgundies, I would give one last tribute to summer. I actually wore this outfit a few weeks ago thinking it would just get colder from then. Funny thing is, this week brought along an Indian Summer...meaning it's pretty hot...when it should be pretty cold. Don't know if I like it or not...

Anyways, tomorrow I shall give a vintage throw back!


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Faking it

Halloween, a time for dressing up as whatever you want. The one night you can get away with looking utterly silly, or for girls...the one night you can get away with a lot me! With my fake eyelashes! What were you thinking??

Normally, I never wear fake eyelashes, but I saw these very cute babydoll lashes at a makeup store and couldn't resist myself! Tried them out on Halloween for the fun of it! I really like how they turned out, even though I need to practice putting them on! I love the thickness of them, and how the length staggers. Definitely a fan now! 

Look out for more usage of fakes!