Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Perche pop up shop

dress: vintage, ring: forever21, purse: michael kors, sheers: hue, shoes: pupi d'angieri

Was in Garosugil this weekend and spotted a pop up shop for Perche shoes. Fell in love with the new Korean brand! Check their website (above). At the pop up shop, all shoes were only 49,000 korean won...that translates into less than $49 USD. Maybe somewhere around $45? Anyways, what a great deal for the stylish shoes, and having Miranda Kerr as their spokesmodel made the pop up even better! UNFORTUNATELY....my tiny feet (5 1/2) couldn't fit into any of the sizes available then, so I went home empty handed. But then, I realized if you register through their website, you can get membership price of 49,000 on everything too! Right now, they are out of stock of all my favorite shoes, but come restock for my favs and sizes, I'll be running up a credit card bill!! 

For the outfit I wore, I chose a vintage sleeveless black dress with a slit in the back. It's so versatile to work with many different styles, I've tried a few ways already and will compare and show you later. I love the fit on me, but the slit in the back definitely makes it an extra fav. It can be worked as sexy or classic or even ruggish (will demonstrate soon!) Just an extra detail that I love...


On a random side note, saw this ad in a magazine I flipped through in a cafe. Such a different image of Ralph Lauren. I know that many brands tailor to domestic tastes such as Zara or H&M. They would have slightly different clothing sold in different countries depending on the market. However, I didn't know that designers drastically change their image depending on the country. I know this comes from his Fall '11 collection that obviously has Asian influences, however I feel that this change is too drastic and doesn't fit the Ralph Lauren name. It was a pretty shocking ad when I flipped through the magazine. 

That is all!


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