Monday, November 7, 2011

Vintage Roberto Cavalli

skirt: vintage Roberto Cavalli, sunglasses: raybans, denim printed shirt+scarf+oxfords: street shopping, tights: hue

Spent the day walking along the Hangang River. It was so beautiful and such a warm day. Surprised that on that side of the river, it was nice and blue. I was so excited to wear my new (vintage) Roberto Cavalli skirt that I recently had tailored. It has such beautiful detailing everywhere:

The detailing feels so regal it makes this skirt such a classic. I'm so lucky that it has kept up very well over the decades (but of course! It's Roberto Cavalli!) Originally, the skirt was too big with very wide sides. I'm guessing it was the style back then since I kept the waist the same size, however I am very fortunate that my tailor (who's apparently a magician) was able to keep the detailing on the sides while he tailored perfectly to mine. Having a tailor is addictive and worth it when you can get clothes to be magically your exact size! (Invest in one now!) 

I paired the denim with my denim printed shirt, flesh tone tights for the weather, and oxfords for the comfort. Overall, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit simple to showcase this fantastic skirt. 




  1. Thanks Chloe! Haha, I'm really in love with it too :) want to try it on when I get back, yaa?