Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Dinner

black corduroy trousers: h&m

Wore this outfit to Christmas dinner with my parents. I recently purchased these corduroy trousers from H&M as an early Christmas present to myself. They are so comfortable and easy to style with. I've been  living in them for the past few days. Paired it with a red plaid shirt for a more Christmas feel, but I also love the color combo of dark red on black. Carried my delicately beaded purse for a more formal feel. The gold colors mix well with the red and black and also adds another texture to the overall outfit. I also wore my dark red lipstick, except perhaps you can't tell in the photo. Oops! Christmas was so cold I couldn't breathe outside. Excuse the hair in face picture. It was the first picture I took and once the wind swept by and froze my hands while knocking the air out of me, I had to call it quits and run to catch a cab! 

So for Christmas, since we don't cook much anymore once we moved to Korea, my family and I celebrated by going to CasAntonio, a great Italian restaurant in Itaewon. Definitely the best Italian food I've had in Korea so far. Delicious meal and great company :) Hope you had a good holiday too! 



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  1. Love red, camel, and black together! I found a great pair of black pants are H&M recently too haha yay!