Thursday, December 1, 2011

Entire Wardrobe Uplift...for $20

I got bangs. It's so crazy how different you can look by just changing your hair slightly. I'm happy with the result and how I feel/look new in all my clothing. I feel like I have an entirely new style and a new look. I feel more windswept, possibly more mysterious..maybe a little coy...and all together someone new. It's a complete wardrobe uplift for a $20 hair cut. Next time your sick and tired of your closet (happens to me a lot...) just go for a small hair change to reinvent yourself. Trust me, it's a lot cheaper than going shopping!

Hope you like!


PS- please hype me on lookbook!


  1. Christine!!! Your bangs look sooo amazing on you, girl!!! I didn't even recognize you at first ;p

  2. haha thank you don don! glad you like them :)