Sunday, December 11, 2011

Simple Styling Sundays: updating blouses

Hi guys! I'm going to start Simple Styling Sundays where I give simple styling tips that can enhance your wardrobe and overall look. My favorite outfits come from when they are simply put together, and are effortless to wear. I enjoy simple dressing rules, and would like to share my advice with you! My first post will be about updating your blouses:

1. Zara blouse with combined flap $60, less expensive version 
2. 3.1 Philip Lim silk-chiffon blouse $350, less expensive version 
3. American Rag Equipment-Brett cheetah print top $216, less expensive version
 4. Alexander Wang leather-trimmed tulle shirt $270, less expensive version 
5. Balmain gold blouse black decolt (about) $3,600, less expensive version 
6. Oasis off-white beaded collar $90 less expensive version

Pretty much: blouses are pretty important to have in your wardrobe. For one, they have a very mature style that you can utilize for many occasions, and secondly they are clean and classic. From wearing to work to a dinner party with friends or during an interview, blouses can effortlessly carry you through the occasion. So then we were all introduced to the classic oxford shirt (haven't seen? take a look!). Though I think it's important to own a least one of these, the past year alone has shown a big change in trend and new twists to the ageless shirt. Easily, you can update your oxford shirt to one of these newer styles and receive the same polished effect. Investment in just one will carry your wardrobe through a few seasons if not take over your standard collared shirt collection completely.

Some of my favorite new twists include Zara's black combined flap and detailing, Philip Lim's dual breast pockets, American Rag's animal print, Alexander Wang's sheer black shirt (with leather trimming!), Balmain's use of metallics, and Oasis' sweet collar. There are many new styles of blouses to pick from, and investing in just one can instantly update your wardrobe and be worn with many things (which is the basis of my criteria for purchasing investment pieces. If you've kept up with my blog, I'm sure you know that I love versatility and wearability!). For an easy casual look try pairing each blouse with dark denim jeans and flats, or dress up with cranberry colored trousers and metallic heels (and I always find that tucked in blouses are always just a little more chic!). Trust me, the options are endless! 

Personally, my favorite is the Balmain for the holiday season, however for a college student that consumes a lot of ramen (instant noodle cups), it's a little out of reach...for now... Perhaps a smarter investment for girls like me is the Zara blouse. Offers much versatility with a doable price! 

**Note: When purchasing blouses, the key is to make sure the length and fit under the arms is perfect for you. If it's too long or baggy under the arms, it will look ill fitted and misplaced on your body...pretty much destroying the purpose for them. So beware before you purchase!
**Double note! I mentioned wearing blouses to interviews, but please do not wear Alexander Wang's see through shirt to a formal interview. Thank you!!
So I hope you've enjoyed this easy styling tip and can find it useful. Stay tuned next Sunday for more :)

I have to confess I'm going through finals right now, and might be absent from my blog for a week..might..haven't fully decided. We shall see!

Take care


  1. I'm the newest member of your readership :) And no wonder, your blog is amazing!!


  2. Got them from Topshop :D
    These blouses are the best pieces to go under blazers. Always love them too.
    Follow you from nw..Hope we can be frens :)

  3. Haha yes thank you for the tip! Definitely love the dark color. Will follow you too :)