Sunday, December 25, 2011

Simply Styling Sundays: Stuck wearing an ugly Christmas sweater?

Merry Christmas all! Hope you are surrounded by wonderful family and friends, great food, and wonderful fashion during this holiday! Thought I might write a styling post on something applicable for many on this day: the ugly Christmas sweater!

Ok, let's be honest...this Christmas sweater is pretty...awful. But perhaps it was knitted by a dear grandmother or purchased by a sweet mom who makes everyone wear Christmas sweaters on this day. So, how to still look stylish while stuck in this horrendous piece of knitwear? Try focusing on statement jewelry such as a wonderful bib necklace like the Adam Lippes Chain Rosette or a glittering Belle Noel Pave Star ring perfect for the holiday occasion. These pieces, all sparkling and shiny, takes focus away from the print and adds a nice twist to the outfit. Pair with Alexander Wang leather shorts, black opaques, and an electric blue Steve Madden bootie. The color will pop against the tight and create focus elsewhere on the outfit. 

Or, how about when you'd rather just cover up the sweater?

Perhaps you're breaking Grandma's heart, but trust me, those Christmas photos are forever. Let's start with a trendy fur coat in white to pair with bright red stockings. Finish with leather shorts again, Giuseppe Zanotti strap stilettos, and great bling bracelets from Nordstrom. Hello Christmas diva and memorable photos! 

Well, hope you had fun reading! I'm excited for a great family dinner in Itaewon (the foreigner area of Seoul) where I can stare at all the beautiful Christmas lights :) Also, upcoming posts: sharing my gifts and seeing what you've received too! Happy Holidays all!



  1. Great combos! I didn't get an ugly Christmas sweater, but I think it could have been kinda fun to style it. :D

  2. This a cute combo. The fur coat looks cute on you. The pants were also lovely.

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  3. Lovely combos whether you wanna cover up or show off the ugly sweater!

  4. Love the 2nd outfit, but without the sweater ^^ Styled or not, those things are still ugly ;)

    1. Haha thanks! And yes, this sweater was pretty bad, but I tried damage control :)