Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Cheer in the City

Some of the scenes I tried to capture during Christmas day. Honestly, this winter hasn't felt holiday-ish enough for me. No constant cheer or winter break (which is a month of lounging, meeting up with old friends and prepping your stomach for holiday gorging). So in lou of my holiday spirit, I tried visiting the tree on christmas day. Fun fact: the christmas tree at Rockefeller Center this year was chopped down from my home town in jersey. Sad to say, the tree in person was quite sparse, but I still have pride in knowing that tree grew up with me! On Christmas day, the tree was extremely crowded, so I kept asking myself what are all those people doing crowding around the tree and gawking? Then, I reminded myself that I am one of those people, and I should stop being such a grinch. My day got better as I proceeded downtown to a favorite italian restaurant for dinner reservations, only to find the restaurant was actually closed (serves me right for reserving online?). Scrapped italian food for indian, was a little disappointed, but looking back it's all too funny. Another story to go into the story book and to remind me to plan better next year. Speaking of next year, I still have nye to look forward too :) Hope everyone had a happy holiday time!


Sunday, December 16, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: holiday look 3 sophisticated showstopper

details at polyvore

T-minus seven days before all the family gatherings and finalization of new year's plans. I wanted to finish the three part segment of simple styling sundays: holiday looks with a show-stopping piece fit for any fancy x-mas time or new years extravaganza. If there's one time in our semi-normal lives to dress fit for a ball, it's new years! So why not go all out? Just make sure you don't go way too over the top, you don't want all eyes on you for any other reason besides being the bell at the ball. Pair simple accessories with your dress, but I do recommend splurging with makeup if you want more drama. Add winged liner and a bright lip, but keep nails clean and simple. From behind, you want your dress to catch attention, but up front, you want your smile to shine the most! So, have fun with this outfit--just make sure to keep it balanced!

If you missed the other holiday looks, you can take a look here and here


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Holiday Look 2--Dressed Up Casual

details on polyvore

Apartment party for New Years? Dinner date with friends before Christmas? Trying to figure out how dressed up you should be for holiday festivities? f you're at a gathering where you know you can be completely comfortable and just let loose, try the more casual route. However, how casual is casual during the holidays? Probably not that casual...try to always have a glam edge to your outfit. I love a subtle metallic and embellished collar mixed with comfortable pieces that aren't over the top. Note that you can also save your feet at a friend's apartment! Try stylish oxfords or a sleek flat to finish any relaxed look. 

Countdown to feasts and parties galore continues!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Holiday Look 1--The Embellished Tuxedo

details on polyvore

December has finally come alongside the 25 days of christmas countdown on every channel and website. Ever since scarfing down that turkey and buttery mashed potatoes, time has flown by and isn't stopping anytime soon. Though still 23 days away, you now feel as if you have no time to decide what to wear to all the parties (yes, you are so popular!...) you are invited to. What to do now???
Holiday outfit styling is probably up there on my 'favorite things to do' list. I define my holiday outfits by the 3 S's-simplicity, sleekness and shimmer. It's all about luxe dressing, and I want to provide inspiration and tips for looking your best all through out the holidays. My first look--a revisited tuxedo look with embellished details. 
I've spoken about a tuxedo or two piece before and its powers to pull together any look. I've also mentioned how it merges feminine and masculine elements for a subtle and empowering sexiness that every girl should indulge in. For my first holiday look, I chose to revisit this look and get it ready for the holidays. Primarily, I used pieces with embellishments to pair together for a shimmery effect. The trick for pairing many embellished pieces together is to make sure that they don't overpower each other--this is where simplicity really comes into play. What I love the most about the tuxedo outfit is that it can really take you from party to party. Appropriate at an apartment party your friend is hosting for NYE or grabbing drinks at an upscale lounge, a dinner party downtown or a simple date--it'll always make you look your best.

More outfits to come during the countdown to the holidays!


Beauty Fix: Winter Pout

lipsticks: nars pure matte in volga, ardency inn in lovecat 

I recently ordered this NARS lipstick for winter. This past year, I've been wearing more and more lipstick and have decided to adopt this deep matte purple into my collection. I love the richness of this color--it's the new red. The only problem (and maybe a big problem) with my nars lipstick is that it doesn't go on evenly. Though it's very light with an initial satin texture, I find my lips getting dried out within an hour alongside having uneven color. I really wanted a super matte lipstick for winter to compliment the weather (shine does feel more spring and summer), so I guess I asked for too matte of a lipstick. Shame shame, I still want to wear this gorgeous color, so I've been coming up with tricks to wear it. The best one I've come up with so far also helps my lips look fuller. First, I apply my nars lipstick like usual (line and fill in), and then in the center of both my lower and upper lip, I apply the red lipstick. From the picture above, you can see that the colors compliment each other, so they blend well. When doing this trick, you don't have to worry about perfectly applying the red, you can add as much or as little in the center. The result: fuller lips and seemingly perfect color. It only took 2 lipsticks to get there!

Try this trick out and let me know how it goes!


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Holiday Wish List + Gift Guide

details on polyvore, click the link and images for product information

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! I know I did--got out of the city for a while, constantly ate tasty food and met new people. It's always wonderful to surround yourself with loving people and great food, I'm so thankful! So now that Thanksgiving is over, time to bring on the gift guides, wish lists and party plans for the upcoming christmas holiday! The above is my mix of a wish list (I've been eyeing that Alexander Wang silk shift dress all season long!) and gift guide (there are accessories for every type of friend--traveler, makeup obsessed, journalist, jewelry-holic and perfectionist) with a wide range of prices from splurge-worthy 'let's use daddy's credit card' to affordable 'buy one for everyone!' Hope you get inspired and enjoy :)


Monday, November 19, 2012

memories and discoveries 11.19.12

favorite look I saw at marusya's pre-fall collection 

Dying for this dress from the Margiela collab at h&m!! 

became really addicted to the treats at paris baguette in ktown :)

buffalo exchange with the bestie this weekend! Spotted: black wide leg trousers from The Row only $38!

in love with this look from hello kitty + forever21

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Daniella Kallmeyer

Went to Daniella Kallmeyer's event for unveiling her new fashion film. Spent the night with the lovely Rebecca from the Beauty Bookie and the talented writer and model Adane. Great time with great people and scored more lip tar haha. xx 

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Beauty Fix: Makeup Setting Spray

Product: Urban Decay De-Slick Oil Control Makeup Setting Spray

Normally, makeup and beauty is a pretty overwhelming category for me. There are so many products that each do different things, different colors for different face tones, seriously the list goes on and on. So, when I do find a product that I like and it does something very functional, it really excites me! Urban Decay's makeup setting spray is no different.  I received this item in a recent beauty kit that was free with my order (what I ordered is to come!), and cautiously tried it out. After the first day, I noticed that the product does deliver on what's promised: oil-control and no smudged makeup. I was shocked when my eyeliner and mascara did not hang on the bottom of my eyes like panda eyes! The next day, I used the spray more vigorously and on top of lipstick. Same deal, very happy. It's a light misting spray, keeps all my makeup in place, and has gained a spot in my makeup necessities. You should try it too :)


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Memories and Discoveries 11.8.12

Hot Bread Kitchen opened up a space near my home...checking it out this weekend

miss this weather and pretty path of trees..instead, stuck with snow now

liked this outfit I tried on at bloomingdales, vintage havana sheer blouse (very dries, right?) and hudson waxed denim

want these boots! from topshop

the brooklyn kitchen gives specialized cooking classes...I've been eyeing one for making croissants!

Memories and discoveries for the week, have any?


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY: Bejeweled Headband

Make your own bejeweled headband:


3 ways to wear it:

Cost: Less than $20 depending on how many gems purchased

Braided headband (similar here)
gems of 3-4 different shapes and sizes
hot glue gun

1. After gathering all supplies together, finalize the design you want on your headband by laying out the gems on the table.
2. Next, with a hot glue gun start glueing the gems to the headband. I applied the glue directly to the headband then placed the gems on top, it helped me keep my design straight and neat.
3. Hold down each gem after glueing for 15 seconds to make sure it stays on.
4. At the end, you can check your design and fix any imperfections. Since you're using a hot glue gun, the gems can be removed and replaced fairly easily.
5. Enjoy and try your headband in different ways! 

Making this headband was very simple and fun. I initially came up with the idea because I had the braided headband on hand except it didn't match my hair color. So, I couldn't wear the headband by itself, but I still wanted to somehow use it. I came up with the idea of adding gems to it instead to make it more appealing and cover the mismatched color. To find the gems, I went to the supply stores within NYC, but if you don't have any craft stores nearby, I saw some cool wholesale gems on eBay. To create the actual headband was pretty easy, and I say it takes less than 15 minutes. I'm pretty excited about the finished product!

What do you think?


Friday, November 2, 2012

Beauty Fix: Gold Spattered Nails

nail polish: faceit, inspiration from here

I love this easy manicure. It feels very appropriate for fall and winter when we crave to clothe ourselves in dark and muted colors with the subtle embellishments of gold and silver (reminding us that the holidays are nearing!). I found the inspiration of this manicure from my beauty board on pinterest--a place where I can always find inspiration for my makeup and hair. To replicate, follow the steps below.

Tools needed: 
Black nail polish 
a shimmering gold (not matte) nail polish
plastic wrap (or soft wrapper...don't use anything too stiff, it'll ruin your manicure)

1. Apply two coats of black nail polish to nails and wait to dry
2. Take plastic wrap and crumble in hand, hold a portion of the wrap that is crumbled between fingers
3. Take gold nail polish and lightly paint the plastic wrap
4. dab on each nail to desired effect (I dabbed it twice on each finger)
5. Wait till nails dry, clean excess nail polish, and add top coat if needed

Easy, right? Versatile too. You can try this manicure straight away with nail polishes that you already have. Try other color options to suit your mood and occasion--the possibilities with this technique are endless!

Let me know if you've come up with another great color combo, or if you have questions :)


Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black on Black on Leopard

two tone jacket: bebe, leopard sweater: ann taylor loft, shorts: express, tights: hue, shoes: perche

Black on black with a touch of leopard--an easy combo to put together when in a hurry. Wore this outfit this past weekend on a pretty warm Saturday. It's a simple outfit to put together and comfortable to wear all day except for the heeled boots. After staring at all the sample sale signs in the west village, I ran around the city looking for a halloween costume. My feet died, so I ended up opting for worn out boots to complete my zombie look (and save my feet!!). Some people are celebrating Halloween now, or still have an upcoming round of trick-or-treat. What's your costume?


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Marc Jacobs

bracelet: marc jacobs

Met some new friends over the weekend and went shopping in the West Village. Visited the Marc Jacobs store down there near Magnolia Bakery. The store has two rooms: one for small accessories at a lower price point and the other for RTW and higher price point jewelry. Needless to say, I can only afford to stay in one of the rooms, but there I spotted this bracelet. It's a simple gold bangle with heart clasps and a delicate feel. I immediately fell in love and wanted to adopt the bracelet into my steadily growing gold jewelry collection. You can tell some of the obsession from below:

accessories: forever21, aland, jewelmint, marc jacobs, eugenia kim, ring by dani stahl