Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Quick Manicure

Sometimes, as a student, I don't have much time to give myself a manicure. To sit down and try to perfectly lacquer my nails can take quite some time. But, I still want to always have clean and professional nails even when I can't. Having a great manicure just pulls together an outfit, and makes you look more put together. Nothing ruins a perfect outfit more than remnants of almost fully chipped off nail polish sitting on your nails, or having brittle and unkempt fingertips. So here's a quick trick that I do quite often as a student!

Step 1: Start with clean and fresh nails, remove excess nail polish, trim and file your nails to desired length

Heres a before picture of just plain fingertips. They're just quite boring!

Step 2: Apply two coats of clear top coat nail polish. It takes maybe 2 minutes to fully add both coats because top coats dry pretty quickly. 

And presto! You have clean and professional nails in 5 minutes or less. You can do it during a lunch break or just before you rush out to class. You don't have to wait around for your nail polish to dry, it's something you can just run out the door with! It's also handy for if your lifestyle does not support having lacquered fingernails such as if your occupation requires too much physical work, or if you play sports everyday. I personally wash my hands probably 20+ a day (I don't know why...), so my nail polish chips after 1 day. Instead, sometimes I just use this trick.

Give it a try! Hope this helps you.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: statement scarves for your winter coat

From top left: blue Diane von Furstenberg coat & Topshop Honey Faux Fur scarf
black Moncler quilted coat & yellow Odeeh cashmere scarf
green Marc by Marc Jacobs coat & Alexander Wang endless scarf
grey Winter Kate Collette Herringbone tweed coat & purple A.Forty Three Maria scarf
brown Acne Smith Honey long coat & Roberto Cavalli Leopard print scarf 
So, I'm definitely on a winter wear kick ever since I've been back in the freezing midwest. When the cold makes it even hard for me to breathe outside, I want to pile on every single sweater I own and possibly even sport a face mask. Hmm, maybe that trend wouldn't catch on, but hey I'd like to see at least the Man Repeller to attempt it! Alas, neither of those things are feasible and fashionable. But, how to stay warm and cozy and still look great? Statement winter scarves are the answer! No matter what coat you are wearing, stay in style this freezing cold winter with fashionable scarves.
I picked out a few examples to aid my thoughts. First off, I'm a big fur accessory fan. I love fur scarves and own a few of my own. I think they can best be paired with a statement color coat like DVF's coat in blue. Next, if you own a black puffy down coat, which I see tons on my campus, sport a scarf in a shocking color. I think black is very easy to work with (obviously), and a bright eye opening yellow scarf does just the trick. What about the Marc Jacob's coat in green with a fur trimmed hood? I think crimsons and reds go very well with green, and also since fur is already present, let's go with the Alexander Wang endless scarf instead. It adds a print and compliments with its mix of black and Persimmon colors. Own a grey tweed coat? During winter, chunky cable knits compliment well with tweed. I also love the purple color against the grey. And lastly, the Acne Smith Honey Long Coat? It's most similar to my current coat which I always throw a thick navy blue cable knit scarf over, but I'd like to experiment with prints on this one. With its neutral light brown color, leopard print flawlessly matches with its like color scheme. I would also love to pair a Burberry printed scarf on it too. Oh so classic! 

So here's a quick rundown. Hope if can help you dress up your winter coat! 


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Necessary Winter boots

H&M leather boots
Saw these boots from Refinery29's article about winter boots you can wear in doors and immediately wanted them. Being back to school for about a week now has put me through such terrible weather and already a few snow storms. I've been too scared to wear any nice shoes outside for fear of ruining or tarnishing them on the snow/ice/slush covered streets here. As a result, I've been lusting for a pair of winter boots that I wouldn't be afraid to run around in but are still very fashionable. Something that can carry my style day by day in this harsh weather. Snow boots are not for the every day for me. I would rather not sit through class with heavy boots on every day that limit outfits. However, these boots from H&M just might do the trick! With an already slightly tarnished look, I wouldn't feel guilty kicking snow around in these. And, how incredibly urban.

Tell me about your winter adventures with your feet!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Bodycon and Fur

coat: teenie weenie, scarf: street shopping, bodycon skirt: bcbg max azria, mother's fur, tights: hue

Wore this outfit back at Korea University. I remember I had to improvise for a class presentation. Since I didn't anticipate having to dress up professionally so much at school, I ditched my business clothes during this trip. Perhaps I'm not so professional with a fitted mini skirt and fur, but I thought at least I'm pretty dressed up! Well, I don't even remember how the presentation went, I just really like my outfit and the color scheme of a mustard yellow shirt on black and grey...what do you think?

Happy first day of class!


Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Styling Sunday: Signature Scent

Hi guys! My simple styling sunday post is a day late...sorry to anyone who has tried checking yesterday. The combination of moving from abroad, moving into a new apartment, jetlag, and no wifi over the course of 2 days has been...crazy! Anyways, here it is!

perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Do not underestimate the power of a signature perfume. When creating a personal style, adopting a signature scent that embodies your personality can easily distinguish yourself from others and make you memorable. Whenever one of your friends/partners/acquaintances/whomever you know smell your perfume elsewhere, the first thing they will think of is you! A perfume can be the most important item in your closet: attraction, remembrance, attitude, and confidence can begin and be embodied by one spritz. It's definitely an item to splurge so do not skimp! It might take some time to find one that suits you, but when you find it, trust me it'll stick to you. My signature scent would be Marc Jacob's Daisy. It has a medium body (not too light not too heavy) and a beautiful floral fragrance. It's cheerful and yet still sexy, young but still age appropriate. Definitely my favorite and my signature.      

Class picks up once again, one more semester left. Let's go!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A semester in review: Goodbye Seoul!

I've learned and experienced so much during my semester abroad in Seoul. It has been such a wonderful time, and I'm thankful for all the great people that I've met while here. Here are my favorite memories and images!

From beautiful scenery with classic and modern mixed together to all the coffee that I drank to random street artists to the lantern festival on the river to watching the world cup prelims to the cat cafe to affogatos to Seoul's night lights to concerts to Lotte World to beautiful architecture to great food to the trick eye museum in hongdae to fashion exhibitions in subway stations to hanging out at my friend's pottery studio and to being with my family and making life long friends, I've been so lucky this semester! I've made so many memories in this beautiful and wild city, I'm such a lucky girl! 

Back to Champaign and real life, this has been a great dream! Take care Seoul, I'll be back someday :)


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Shoes that do your legs justice

Hi guys, sorry to be away for a while. I'm finally feeling back to normal, so I shall post another installation in my Simple Styling Sundays. Yay!

So a common question I actually get from family and friends is what kind of shoe will make their legs look better? It's the pointed toe heel vs the rounded toe aka mainly flats. My answer, especially if you're working with a tight budget and can only afford one great pair, is to always go with a pointed toe shoe. Whether you're in flats, heels, or oxfords, a pointed toe does way more justice to anyone's body compared to a rounded toe. Why? A pointed toe creates the illusion of slimming your legs and giving your legs more shape. Whereas a rounded toe, especially if you have a thicker lower body, will do quite the opposite. So, always reach for a shoe with a pointier tip! However, the tip does not have to be severely pointed if it scares you too much. Even a slight point will do more justice than not. Here are some great examples:

ASOS LULA Color Blocked Pump

This black, suede ballet "pump" is a great investment and perfect way to wear a flat. With its versatile color and subtle detailing, this can easily match casual and more formal outfits. Whether you're in jeans or a pair of tights, this flat will give your legs a great shape. 

ASOS MACY Mesh Detail Shoes

This is a great shoe to replace your plain sneakers or worn out converse. It mimics an oxford while having a fresh twist and keeps comfort still in mind. Try pairing with nude lace tights for a great extra detail, or show off the light blush color and mesh detailing by wearing them over dark opaques. Normally, I really dislike wearing sneakers with shorts. The shoes will end up 'chopping' off your feet in a very unflattering way if just worn on bare skinned legs. But, with this light color, mesh panels, and pointed toe, these shoes can easily go with shorts or a mini skirt without sacrificing the shape of your legs and body. 

ASOS SANTO Suede Point Court Shoes

This popping yellow color is a great update to your wardrobe. Vibrant citrus colors such as yellow, orange, and green have been seen on the Spring runways. While sure to be a popular trend, a great investment piece it still is. Try purchasing them now and wear on black opaques during the winter for a pop of color, or wait till spring and summer for bright citrus accents seen in many outfits. Not to mention, this pointed toe heel will do your legs the most justice out of all examples by lengthening and simultaneously slimming. 

Well, here's my advice for this week. Hope it helps you with future shopping adventures for your feet! 



Monday, January 2, 2012

Sorry for no posts!

Hi readers!

Sorry for not posting the past few days. I've gotten sick right after the New Year. Beautiful start :) No matter, I'm recuperating and preparing posts so check back soon!

Hope everyone had a wonderful New Years!