Saturday, January 21, 2012

Necessary Winter boots

H&M leather boots
Saw these boots from Refinery29's article about winter boots you can wear in doors and immediately wanted them. Being back to school for about a week now has put me through such terrible weather and already a few snow storms. I've been too scared to wear any nice shoes outside for fear of ruining or tarnishing them on the snow/ice/slush covered streets here. As a result, I've been lusting for a pair of winter boots that I wouldn't be afraid to run around in but are still very fashionable. Something that can carry my style day by day in this harsh weather. Snow boots are not for the every day for me. I would rather not sit through class with heavy boots on every day that limit outfits. However, these boots from H&M just might do the trick! With an already slightly tarnished look, I wouldn't feel guilty kicking snow around in these. And, how incredibly urban.

Tell me about your winter adventures with your feet!



  1. Love those boots!

    Here in Finland it gets very cold in winter, so I really need boots that keep my feet warm. I always have to use wool socks too. :D

    Krista /

    1. Yes, these boots are perfect for winter! I love wool socks, glad we share the same winter dilemma!