Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A semester in review: Goodbye Seoul!

I've learned and experienced so much during my semester abroad in Seoul. It has been such a wonderful time, and I'm thankful for all the great people that I've met while here. Here are my favorite memories and images!

From beautiful scenery with classic and modern mixed together to all the coffee that I drank to random street artists to the lantern festival on the river to watching the world cup prelims to the cat cafe to affogatos to Seoul's night lights to concerts to Lotte World to beautiful architecture to great food to the trick eye museum in hongdae to fashion exhibitions in subway stations to hanging out at my friend's pottery studio and to being with my family and making life long friends, I've been so lucky this semester! I've made so many memories in this beautiful and wild city, I'm such a lucky girl! 

Back to Champaign and real life, this has been a great dream! Take care Seoul, I'll be back someday :)



  1. Nice pictures ! You look super cute ! :)

  2. Honey these are great! It looks like you had such an amazing semester, I'm jealous! :)

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