Monday, January 16, 2012

Simple Styling Sunday: Signature Scent

Hi guys! My simple styling sunday post is a day late...sorry to anyone who has tried checking yesterday. The combination of moving from abroad, moving into a new apartment, jetlag, and no wifi over the course of 2 days has been...crazy! Anyways, here it is!

perfume: Marc Jacobs Daisy

Do not underestimate the power of a signature perfume. When creating a personal style, adopting a signature scent that embodies your personality can easily distinguish yourself from others and make you memorable. Whenever one of your friends/partners/acquaintances/whomever you know smell your perfume elsewhere, the first thing they will think of is you! A perfume can be the most important item in your closet: attraction, remembrance, attitude, and confidence can begin and be embodied by one spritz. It's definitely an item to splurge so do not skimp! It might take some time to find one that suits you, but when you find it, trust me it'll stick to you. My signature scent would be Marc Jacob's Daisy. It has a medium body (not too light not too heavy) and a beautiful floral fragrance. It's cheerful and yet still sexy, young but still age appropriate. Definitely my favorite and my signature.      

Class picks up once again, one more semester left. Let's go!



  1. Love MJ's Daisy too! Mine's English Pear & Freesia by Jo Malone- its very fresh, you should give it a whirl! I hope to catch you in BIF very very soon!

    1. Ooo Chloe I'm intrigued to smell it haha! Must give it a try :) and Burberry Body is good too!!

  2. oooh also the new Burberry Body- SO GOOD.