Sunday, January 8, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Shoes that do your legs justice

Hi guys, sorry to be away for a while. I'm finally feeling back to normal, so I shall post another installation in my Simple Styling Sundays. Yay!

So a common question I actually get from family and friends is what kind of shoe will make their legs look better? It's the pointed toe heel vs the rounded toe aka mainly flats. My answer, especially if you're working with a tight budget and can only afford one great pair, is to always go with a pointed toe shoe. Whether you're in flats, heels, or oxfords, a pointed toe does way more justice to anyone's body compared to a rounded toe. Why? A pointed toe creates the illusion of slimming your legs and giving your legs more shape. Whereas a rounded toe, especially if you have a thicker lower body, will do quite the opposite. So, always reach for a shoe with a pointier tip! However, the tip does not have to be severely pointed if it scares you too much. Even a slight point will do more justice than not. Here are some great examples:

ASOS LULA Color Blocked Pump

This black, suede ballet "pump" is a great investment and perfect way to wear a flat. With its versatile color and subtle detailing, this can easily match casual and more formal outfits. Whether you're in jeans or a pair of tights, this flat will give your legs a great shape. 

ASOS MACY Mesh Detail Shoes

This is a great shoe to replace your plain sneakers or worn out converse. It mimics an oxford while having a fresh twist and keeps comfort still in mind. Try pairing with nude lace tights for a great extra detail, or show off the light blush color and mesh detailing by wearing them over dark opaques. Normally, I really dislike wearing sneakers with shorts. The shoes will end up 'chopping' off your feet in a very unflattering way if just worn on bare skinned legs. But, with this light color, mesh panels, and pointed toe, these shoes can easily go with shorts or a mini skirt without sacrificing the shape of your legs and body. 

ASOS SANTO Suede Point Court Shoes

This popping yellow color is a great update to your wardrobe. Vibrant citrus colors such as yellow, orange, and green have been seen on the Spring runways. While sure to be a popular trend, a great investment piece it still is. Try purchasing them now and wear on black opaques during the winter for a pop of color, or wait till spring and summer for bright citrus accents seen in many outfits. Not to mention, this pointed toe heel will do your legs the most justice out of all examples by lengthening and simultaneously slimming. 

Well, here's my advice for this week. Hope it helps you with future shopping adventures for your feet! 




  1. I am loving those black flats!! Thanks for the tips too since I'm short and always want to make my legs appear longer.

  2. Thanks Karen! Haha yes I too struggle with the same thing!