Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: statement scarves for your winter coat

From top left: blue Diane von Furstenberg coat & Topshop Honey Faux Fur scarf
black Moncler quilted coat & yellow Odeeh cashmere scarf
green Marc by Marc Jacobs coat & Alexander Wang endless scarf
grey Winter Kate Collette Herringbone tweed coat & purple A.Forty Three Maria scarf
brown Acne Smith Honey long coat & Roberto Cavalli Leopard print scarf 
So, I'm definitely on a winter wear kick ever since I've been back in the freezing midwest. When the cold makes it even hard for me to breathe outside, I want to pile on every single sweater I own and possibly even sport a face mask. Hmm, maybe that trend wouldn't catch on, but hey I'd like to see at least the Man Repeller to attempt it! Alas, neither of those things are feasible and fashionable. But, how to stay warm and cozy and still look great? Statement winter scarves are the answer! No matter what coat you are wearing, stay in style this freezing cold winter with fashionable scarves.
I picked out a few examples to aid my thoughts. First off, I'm a big fur accessory fan. I love fur scarves and own a few of my own. I think they can best be paired with a statement color coat like DVF's coat in blue. Next, if you own a black puffy down coat, which I see tons on my campus, sport a scarf in a shocking color. I think black is very easy to work with (obviously), and a bright eye opening yellow scarf does just the trick. What about the Marc Jacob's coat in green with a fur trimmed hood? I think crimsons and reds go very well with green, and also since fur is already present, let's go with the Alexander Wang endless scarf instead. It adds a print and compliments with its mix of black and Persimmon colors. Own a grey tweed coat? During winter, chunky cable knits compliment well with tweed. I also love the purple color against the grey. And lastly, the Acne Smith Honey Long Coat? It's most similar to my current coat which I always throw a thick navy blue cable knit scarf over, but I'd like to experiment with prints on this one. With its neutral light brown color, leopard print flawlessly matches with its like color scheme. I would also love to pair a Burberry printed scarf on it too. Oh so classic! 

So here's a quick rundown. Hope if can help you dress up your winter coat! 



  1. Great match ups, Christine! Chunky scarves are amazing and there's nothing better than being warm on a freezing day.

    1. Thank you Karen! I agree, chunky scarves really help on a freezing day!!

  2. I love that first scarf, the fur one! And the last combo with the leopard scarf is great too :)

    1. Thank you Donna! Nothing better than a great scarf :)