Friday, February 24, 2012

NYC visit day 1- Mixing Prints

snake print dress: h&m, striped sweater+pearl beaded collar: street shopping, blue socks+black tights: hue, shoes: perche, jacket: teenie weenie, purse: vintage LV

Was in New York past weekend for a friendly visit. There was gorgeous weather, not too hot and not too cold, that made running around the city just wonderful. With that kind of weather, I always love to layer light layers, so it's easy to take off one layer if the weather slightly changes. Loved the idea of wearing stripes on an animal print, and wanted a pearl collar to match. I bought my snake printed dress at H&M when I was in Korea. It was only $30, what a steal! Also, my pearl collared shirt was $5 and my striped sweater was $20. $55 for this ensemble is definitely within my type of budget :) Wore bright blue socks to finish the outfit with my trusted Perche boots. 

Will add more NYC pictures soon!