Saturday, March 31, 2012

Golden Spikes

bracelet: asos, similar here

I've really wanted to start a comprehensible jewelry collection for a while now, especially with bracelets. I want to be able to have go to bracelets that I can throw on with any outfit to complete the look. This golden spiked bracelet is the beginning of the collection. If you've been following my blog for a while, then you've probably noticed I am very minimalistic with my jewelry. I might throw on a simple pair of studs or a statement necklace, but I hardly ever over-do it with too much bling. It just feels too cluttered for me, but I've realized that since I don't wear much jewelry, I don't collect enough great pieces. Sometimes I feel that my outfits are incomplete, so a wonderful arm-party is in moderation. Will of course update you guys through out the process :)

Happy Saturday!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Current Obsession: Screen Printing

Daniel Vosovic Fall '12

After seeing Daniel Vosovic's Fall '12 line, I got really excited about one thing: screen printing. Though all eyes are on the male model in his collection, mine were on the crystal clear images of water drops on his blouses and pants. It looks like high resolution clothing, a new bold statement! 
Though his line is for fall, other designers have already been using screen printing techniques for spring, so you can enjoy this trend straight away:

Vera Wang

Rachel Comey

Mary Katrantzou

Prabal Gurung

I don't know about you, but I would love to rock Mary Katrantzou's screen prints of bright florals on a beautiful day (mind you, these pictures just can't do any of these prints justice!!). Will be spending the next few seasons in search of these larger than life images for a new bold statement.


Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Styling (S)Mondays: Green Dream and Spring Break in Review

dress: vintage, sweater+belt: forever21, purse: michael kors, heels: system, jacket: street shopping

Wore this outfit a few days ago in New York. I had a lot of fun playing and layering greens (as you can tell) while accenting with blues. I remember when I picked out this dress to bring with me on the trip, I wanted to figure out how to turn it into a daytime calmer piece. Layering my new green sweater from forever21 was the perfect solution while belting at the waist. And of course, I layered my boyfriend's jacket on top (which I did the entire week since some days were chilly) and played with the green color. Really, it was an accident that I wore green almost head-to-toe, but don't you just love when that happens? When wardrobe accidents turn your outfit into your favorite outfit? It's really the best! I must say, this outfit was my favorite out of all the others I wore during spring break. 

And thus concludes my spring break outfits. For the trip, I only brought a few key pieces and dressed them up differently through out the week. Let's take a look back into the different outfits I made:

center piece--blue maxi skirt: aland

center piece--high waist trousers: topshop

center piece-- green sweater: forever21

center piece: white shirt + black shorts + black tights= forever21 & hue

I had fun wearing the same pieces over, but styling them into completely different looks. It's just about having a versatile closet and wearing your favorites over and over again (I'm sure you love doing that too!). And, this just goes to show that you can easily pack one small suitcase for an almost two week trip (by 'you' I mean 'I'...I really need to tell this to myself more often!!).

Well, I had a really great spring break and am looking forward to my future. Hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my looks through out the week!


Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Break Day 5: My Man Style

pants: topshop, shirt: asos, heels: system, belt: forever21, cape+coat: street shopping in korea

Had to dress in a more professional manner for one of the days, and thought it'd be perfect to wear my wide leg trousers. My boyfriend bought me the ASOS shirt over christmas, but I never got a chance (or excuse) to wear it until during break. It looks very similar to the Balmain shirt I once blogged about! I added a cape to make my outfit more fashionable, otherwise it looks more professional, and ended with draping my boyfriend's green jacket. Very menswear inspired, yes?

I shall post the ending of my spring break styling later after I unpack from a great trip. 


Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Day 4: Central Park Casual

shirt: forever21 korea, skirt: aland, lipstick: topshop, pastel yellow sunnies: charlotte russe


Continued the tradition of picnicking in Central Park! It was a relaxing breezy day, so I sported a very casual outfit. If you've noticed, I'm wearing my maxi skirt from day 1 and my white shirt from day 3! Turned my white shirt that's pretty much a dress into a very slouchy and casual shirt tucked into my skirt. I love playing with different ways to wear certain items, if you have not noticed by now! 

We reused the Hello Kitty blanket my boyfriend bought for my birthday surprise and the Crumbs bag he got my cupcakes in. It's all about reusing and being smart about our dimes to save for other things (like making sure we can eat haha)! He made chicken caesar sandwiches, and I cooked chicken and vegetable stuffed potato patties and a vodka infused fruit salad (above). Delish and relaxing? Oh yes!!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!


Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Day 3: Downtown Cool

sweater: street shopping, shirt+shorts: forever21 korea, tights: hue, shoes: perche, vest+bow tie: boyfriend's

Ok, I cheated just a little bit. This is what I wore on my first day in New York, but the weather has been so nice and warm I wanted to post my warm weather photos first! I mean, it is (my last :X ) spring break!! But back to the outfit...if the weather was still cold, my current obsession would be bow ties with sweaters. I've always loved a masculine or quirky touch to any outfit, so I borrowed one from my boyfriend! However, his sweater vest was just an accident. I arrived down at Wall Street to eat lunch with him only in my sweater, and realized how freezing it was down there despite how warm it was uptown, so he gave me his vest. Consequently though, no matter how cool I felt channeling my inner boyishness...I looked like I didn't have any bottoms on. That caused a few stares and pointing in the subway :(  Oh well! What's done is done.



Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Day 2: South Street Seaport

sweater: forever21, pants: topshop, purse: michael kors, shoes: system, jacket: valencia

Visited my boyfriend down near Wall street yesterday. I thought the weather would be pretty chilly, but it was bright and beautiful outside, so we walked to South Street Seaport for lunch. Great thing I wore my new forever21 sweater, it's pretty airy to say the least. And I was able to sport my topshop high waisted, wide leg trousers. They came in a size 2, so I was a little worried about the fit, but the waist is smaller than usual. Now they are my favorite item! I'm so happy I got them on sale for $15 and the sweater for around $22. $37 for this outfit? Oh yes! That's definitely affordable for my budget...

So how's your break going?


Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break Day 1: West Side Stripes

striped shirt: gap (old), skirt: aland, vest: street shopping, white jacket: valencia, crossbody: valentina

Hung around the West Village on Saturday with my boyfriend. The weather was quite breezy, almost a little chilly, but very sunny. Altogether, it was a relaxing day. There's something about wearing maxi skirts or even maxi dresses that says 'it's a relaxing day.' Funny thing was, it was Saint Patty's and while everyone was clad in green running around Union Square, my boyfriend and I were in head to toe blue as if to make a statement. Nope, not at all. Just forgot. But anyways, I love how bright of a blue my maxi skirt is and how it changes shape with movement, and the skirt has an overall very light feeling to go with my light Gap sweater and slouchy vest. 
So, on Saturday, we walked from Union Square to West Village and towards the Hudson. I always love walking down the peaceful and clean streets of the West Village and out to the water. Makes me promise myself that one day I'll live there! Was lucky to hang around that area with this stud: 

See the head to toe blue thing I'm talking about?? We matched with blue and stripes on accident!!

We did a lot of people watching as we sat on the Hudson. Have you ever done that? It's so interesting to see who comes out to take a walk or run near the river, who they are with, what they are wearing. Just always so very interesting.

So this was day one of my spring break outfits. Stay tuned all week to see how I work the same pieces into completely new looks!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Spring Break Outfits

Hi all,

For two installments of Simple Styling Sundays, I wanted to show my Spring Break Outfits. The catch is, I have a suitcase limit and have only packed items and pieces that I can wear twice. So watch through out the week and culminating on next Sunday, how I go through Spring Break mixing and matching the same pieces for completely new outfits each day! 

Will begin tomorrow! See you then,


Friday, March 16, 2012

My boyfriend knows me best!

So, yesterday (as you might have known) was my birthday! After a long day's of travel (hence the tired me above), I was ecstatically surprised by my boyfriend when I stopped by his apartment for a late dinner. He made me close my eyes when I walked into his room, but when I opened them I was surrounded by Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty deco, cupcakes from Crumbs, pastel roses from the corner shop, the latest issue of Vogue, and a wonderful card to top everything off. It means so much to me that he went through all of this trouble just for me! I'm so lucky :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my family and friends <3


Thursday, March 15, 2012

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday! I'm now a whole 22 years old! Let's look back upon the year and see all the changes that have occurred since my 21st:

It's true, once you're 21 you drink less alcohol.
I birthed my blog the summer after turning 21.
I studied abroad in Korea and learned more Korean!
I realized  that a month and half after my birthday, I'll be graduating!
I've become a stylist for IMPULSE magazine!
I've met so many new friends through out the year and have met all of you!
So thankful for all the great changes in my life through out the past year and all the changes that are to come.
Praise God! I've made it to 22!

Alrighty, time to catch a flight to New York!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: The Spring Break Girl

I've yet to experience the cliche 'college spring break' trip that consists of traveling to pretty much anywhere in South America (or Florida for that matter.) Well, seeing that I'll be back in New York, I guess I never will have this experience. On the other hand, many of my friends in 4 days time will be packing up their suit cases and heading down to relax on beaches, soak up much sun, and hard. I thought it would be fun for this segment to give inspiration for outfits for each type of girl boarding a flight to south of the boarder. Every girl has a different style that they want to flaunt during this break, so let's take a look at some options:

details at Polyvore
For the super outgoing girls who love a good party, using many prints such as aztec or leopard with bright colors makes every outfit fun and ready for a great time! Finish with heart shaped sunnies for some extra glam.
Details at Polyvore
For the sportier girls, go with classic stripes, casual tees and clean silhouettes. Bright red, sport sunglasses add the extra edge you need for each outfit.

Details at Polyvore
Lastly, for the more classic girl, try high waisted swim suits, floral prints, and lace to keep you classically cool all week long. Finish with the always classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, but try it in brown!

Hope if you're still in school that you're either having a great vacation now, or will be soon! If out of college, then feel welcome to take any of these outfits for a trip to the beach or just a nice spring/summer day. 

Sincere as always,

Saturday, March 10, 2012

NYC Day 2: Sport Chic

Inspiration: ACNE Spring '12 (from

baseball hat: MLB store, leather jacket: bebe, blouse+midi skirt: street shopping, tights+socks: hue, shoes: perche, bag: vintage LV

My second day in NYC (what a short trip!) was so relaxed. I hung around the east harlem area, which in my opinion is so peaceful and more family oriented. It's a huge eclectic mix of cultures with affordable family owned eateries all around. I like how it feels like a slower change of pace compared to midtown and downtown, so coming home after long days of work or power-shopping would be quite calming. Anyways, my inspiration was obviously sport, and I love contradictions or creating eclectic mixes. I love ACNE's Spring '12 collection with pairings of baseball hats to constructed tops and pencil skirts. So, I was inspired to pair my baseball cap with a feminine blouse (such as the one with the pearl collar also worn in my 1st outfit. When traveling, I like carrying only a few pieces and mixing and matching!) and my midi skirt. It completely changes the outfit from overly feminine to sport chic meets rugged girl with my addition of a leather jacket. It's just more of a street outfit, and it was fun running around harlem in it!

Will be in the city yet again next week for my spring break. Stay continued for more of my outfits!