Monday, March 26, 2012

Simple Styling (S)Mondays: Green Dream and Spring Break in Review

dress: vintage, sweater+belt: forever21, purse: michael kors, heels: system, jacket: street shopping

Wore this outfit a few days ago in New York. I had a lot of fun playing and layering greens (as you can tell) while accenting with blues. I remember when I picked out this dress to bring with me on the trip, I wanted to figure out how to turn it into a daytime calmer piece. Layering my new green sweater from forever21 was the perfect solution while belting at the waist. And of course, I layered my boyfriend's jacket on top (which I did the entire week since some days were chilly) and played with the green color. Really, it was an accident that I wore green almost head-to-toe, but don't you just love when that happens? When wardrobe accidents turn your outfit into your favorite outfit? It's really the best! I must say, this outfit was my favorite out of all the others I wore during spring break. 

And thus concludes my spring break outfits. For the trip, I only brought a few key pieces and dressed them up differently through out the week. Let's take a look back into the different outfits I made:

center piece--blue maxi skirt: aland

center piece--high waist trousers: topshop

center piece-- green sweater: forever21

center piece: white shirt + black shorts + black tights= forever21 & hue

I had fun wearing the same pieces over, but styling them into completely different looks. It's just about having a versatile closet and wearing your favorites over and over again (I'm sure you love doing that too!). And, this just goes to show that you can easily pack one small suitcase for an almost two week trip (by 'you' I mean 'I'...I really need to tell this to myself more often!!).

Well, I had a really great spring break and am looking forward to my future. Hope you've enjoyed taking a look at my looks through out the week!



  1. awww! you are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You have such great style, Christine!! My faves are the maxi dress outfits and the shorts with tights. I wanna go to NYC again!!

    1. Thanks Karen! And you should definitely go to NYC again! So much to do, so much to see :)

    2. I knoooow! I need to save up money to make another trip!