Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: The Spring Break Girl

I've yet to experience the cliche 'college spring break' trip that consists of traveling to pretty much anywhere in South America (or Florida for that matter.) Well, seeing that I'll be back in New York, I guess I never will have this experience. On the other hand, many of my friends in 4 days time will be packing up their suit cases and heading down to relax on beaches, soak up much sun, and hard. I thought it would be fun for this segment to give inspiration for outfits for each type of girl boarding a flight to south of the boarder. Every girl has a different style that they want to flaunt during this break, so let's take a look at some options:

details at Polyvore
For the super outgoing girls who love a good party, using many prints such as aztec or leopard with bright colors makes every outfit fun and ready for a great time! Finish with heart shaped sunnies for some extra glam.
Details at Polyvore
For the sportier girls, go with classic stripes, casual tees and clean silhouettes. Bright red, sport sunglasses add the extra edge you need for each outfit.

Details at Polyvore
Lastly, for the more classic girl, try high waisted swim suits, floral prints, and lace to keep you classically cool all week long. Finish with the always classic Ray-Ban Wayfarer, but try it in brown!

Hope if you're still in school that you're either having a great vacation now, or will be soon! If out of college, then feel welcome to take any of these outfits for a trip to the beach or just a nice spring/summer day. 

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  1. Beautiful ideas! I prefer "Classic Girl" :)
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