Friday, March 16, 2012

My boyfriend knows me best!

So, yesterday (as you might have known) was my birthday! After a long day's of travel (hence the tired me above), I was ecstatically surprised by my boyfriend when I stopped by his apartment for a late dinner. He made me close my eyes when I walked into his room, but when I opened them I was surrounded by Hello Kitty! Hello Kitty deco, cupcakes from Crumbs, pastel roses from the corner shop, the latest issue of Vogue, and a wonderful card to top everything off. It means so much to me that he went through all of this trouble just for me! I'm so lucky :)

Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my family and friends <3



  1. Aww so cute! Happy belated bday! You are so young!

    1. Thanks Karen! Haha, am I so young? Well that's a relief! I feel pretty old graduating right now!