Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Break Day 3: Downtown Cool

sweater: street shopping, shirt+shorts: forever21 korea, tights: hue, shoes: perche, vest+bow tie: boyfriend's

Ok, I cheated just a little bit. This is what I wore on my first day in New York, but the weather has been so nice and warm I wanted to post my warm weather photos first! I mean, it is (my last :X ) spring break!! But back to the outfit...if the weather was still cold, my current obsession would be bow ties with sweaters. I've always loved a masculine or quirky touch to any outfit, so I borrowed one from my boyfriend! However, his sweater vest was just an accident. I arrived down at Wall Street to eat lunch with him only in my sweater, and realized how freezing it was down there despite how warm it was uptown, so he gave me his vest. Consequently though, no matter how cool I felt channeling my inner boyishness...I looked like I didn't have any bottoms on. That caused a few stares and pointing in the subway :(  Oh well! What's done is done.



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