Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Break Day 4: Central Park Casual

shirt: forever21 korea, skirt: aland, lipstick: topshop, pastel yellow sunnies: charlotte russe


Continued the tradition of picnicking in Central Park! It was a relaxing breezy day, so I sported a very casual outfit. If you've noticed, I'm wearing my maxi skirt from day 1 and my white shirt from day 3! Turned my white shirt that's pretty much a dress into a very slouchy and casual shirt tucked into my skirt. I love playing with different ways to wear certain items, if you have not noticed by now! 

We reused the Hello Kitty blanket my boyfriend bought for my birthday surprise and the Crumbs bag he got my cupcakes in. It's all about reusing and being smart about our dimes to save for other things (like making sure we can eat haha)! He made chicken caesar sandwiches, and I cooked chicken and vegetable stuffed potato patties and a vodka infused fruit salad (above). Delish and relaxing? Oh yes!!

Hope you're having a good weekend!!


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