Sunday, April 8, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Easter Nails

nail file: urban outfitters, nail polish: face it, top coat: sally hansen

Had the inspiration of a speckled Easter Egg for my DIY. I also referenced this (awesome) nail DIY from Lauren Conrad's blog. I like the subtlety of the nail and how it slightly shines and glitters in the sunlight.

If you'd like to recreate, here are the steps:
1. Gather all the supplies you need (paper towel, nail file, nail polish of choice, top coat, and cosmetic wedge)
2. Take the nail polish and paint the edge of the cosmetic wedge
3. Pat the cosmetic wedge onto the paper towel to get rid of excess nail polish (too much will make it come out clumpy)
4. start patting across your nail as if you'd speckle an egg. Add as much nail polish as you'd like. You can make it very subtle and light, or add more glimmer.
5. Clean excess nail polish off your cuticles and skin
6. Put on a top coat and enjoy!

Feel free to recreate with other colors of nail polish. The next color I'll try this trick on is neon yellow on top of a white base. I'll let you know how it goes!

Here's a closer image of the finished nails:

Enjoy and hope you've had a Happy Easter!



  1. Ooo I like that! So pretty but simple! Gotta try it out sometime. =)

    1. Thanks Karen! Yes, it's so easy! Takes a lot less time than a full out mani :)