Sunday, April 15, 2012

Simple Styling Sundays: Hunger Games Edition

Anyone who knows me in person knows that I'm pretty obsessed with the Hunger Games. Admittedly, I only read the books after I saw the movie first. My boyfriend and I caught the midnight showing of the movie on its debut night. We bought tickets on a complete whim not really knowing what the books were about. We just knew it was a big deal when people were already lining up around 5 or 6 pm outside of the theater when the doors would open to the movie at 11:30 pm. We got in line at about 9:30-10:00 pm ourselves knowing that the line would be wrapped around the theater and down the block. And we were right. People were lined up in massive groups, taking turns leaving for food or drinks, or saving spots for friends. It was pretty crazy! But, not as crazy as the actual movie. Knowing nothing about what I was getting myself into, I was pretty hooked from the very beginning. I was entranced by Effie Trinket's wild hair and makeup, the whole idea about the Games, the cute boy who played Gale...the list goes on and on really. One thing I do know, is after the movie was finished and I returned back to campus, I read all 3 books in about 3 days. And after the books, I was still obsessed, really wanted bird printed everything and watched tutorials on how to braid my hair like Katniss' signature braid. A little less than a month later, I'm still obsessed and thought it'd be a good outlet to express my obsessiveness by posting about it.

So, if I was currently Katniss, or if she was present in today's world, I would dress her like this:

details here

I love Asos' skater dress in a seemingly fiery print! Pretty much goes with the title, and should be complimented with sharp accessories such as Alexander McQueen's skull purse, a spiked necklace, and a very rock and roll leather bootie. Contrast it all with a green hooded parka to keep the 'huntress' side of Katniss!

details here

For in the arena, I dressed Katniss in a simple t-shirt and pants for comfort (I wonder if leather is comfortable to run in...? At least she'll be warm!) Used a graphic tee, leather pants and studded boots for a more rugged look, and topped with again a signature green hooded parka. Of course, finish it off with Katniss' signature braid!

And lastly, I'm currently eyeing some items on my Hunger Games wish list:

details here

I'm wondering which one I should purchase. I searched for bird and leaf prints to signify the mockingjay (sadly, I can't get a mockingjay print..they are not real!!) and the forest for the games. So, should I go with Asos' swallow bangles or Anthropologie's leaf photo petal tee dress? Decisions decisions! 
One thing I'll definitely be sporting is Katniss' signature braid all summer long to beat the heat and still have great hair :)


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