Friday, May 25, 2012

Day two: The Nylon Girl

heels: anne klein, pants: cyrus and max azria colab, denim and fringe shirt: street shopping, purse: valentina, nail polish: essie

So on the second day, after I scoped out the dress code at work and saw an array of dressed up classic styles down to relaxed casual jeans and of course more of the rock'n'roll street girl, I decided to try my Nylon side out too. And for function wise, this is what I came up with: denim on denim with a twist of a fringe shirt. More relaxed, a little more edge, but still very me. What would your Nylon side be?


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Day Outfit Rules

jacket: ann taylor loft, shirt: street shopping, skirt: daniel hetcher, heels: anne klein, purse: valentina, bracelet: asos

Knowing what to wear on the first day is always nerve-wracking. You don't know the work environment, or what other people might wear. What's acceptable, what's not acceptable and so on and so forth. I wasn't quite sure what to wear on my first day at Nylon either. Would people be dressed exactly as inside the magazine, or not at all? Should I come in in Jeffrey Campells, neon cutoffs, and spiked bracelets (ok, maybe this style is a little exaggerated...but you get the picture!)? But then again, it is a work environment, so maybe my outfit should be a little more subdued. These were the thoughts I had while choosing my outfit the night before. I decided to stick to some key rules: 
1) Go more dressed up. Whether or not jeans are accepted at work, you want to look more formal at least on the first day then scope out the dress code at work. 
2) A classic style works anywhere. And it's pretty true. Anyone can appreciate a clean and simple outfit. 
3) Make sure to also be functional. For me, I didn't really know what to expect at this internship. As the first magazine I'll be working at, I didn't know exactly what interns do, or what they'd have me do on the first day. 
Overall, I included a clean and classic style, weather proof jacket, non fussy hair, dressed up but more comfortable shoes for walking, and a functional purse that wouldn't get in my way while I'm running around.

This outfit is simple, put together, and helped me have a good first day :)

Hope summer is treating everyone well!


Tuesday, May 15, 2012


cap and gown
shoes I got as a graduation gift from a friend
with my parents

graduation dress: asos

A few pictures from my graduation on Saturday. I had a great time seeing my parents, congratulating my friends and fellow classmates, and saying goodbye to campus. My boyfriend bought me the asos dress above that I requested for graduation. Perhaps it's not as formal as others, but any excuse to buy a pastel leopard print dress with side cutouts and a midi skirt length is a good excuse. Right after the ceremony and dinner with my family, I packed up and got ready to move to NYC. Drove for 14 hours straight from Illinois to NYC, and now here I am:

  view from my apt


Friday, May 11, 2012

Packing up and Moving!

I finished all my exams yesterday and finished what's left of my undergraduate career. Just one day stands between me and walking on stage to grab my diploma. It's so hard to reflect and look back on these four years when there's so much coming up ahead of me! But what I do know is that I'm really thankful for all the opportunities and great friends that have come my way. So much has happened on this campus to help me pursue my dream career--a career in fashion. The support and friends has just been amazing, and I thank all of you that have been reading my blog and keeping up with my styling. You guys rock!

Next thing to tackle before the big move to closet =X

Happy graduation to the 2012 class!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Last Finals Ever!

It's about that time again...finals. The time that no college student looks forward too. This will be my last finals week ever in my undergraduate college career! Would like to celebrate somehow, but I'm too busy burying my head in books...sigh, will need a few days break!

Next time I'm back, I'll have a diploma in hand! Yes! Good luck on everyone's tests (if you have any)!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Affiliated with Shabby Apple!

all images via

Hey guys! Shabby Apple reached out to me to become an affiliate of their site. How exciting! With a vintage and retro feel, Shabby Apple's main idea is the return of the one-piece, where the one-piece is all you need to look and feel great every day. I must say, I completely agree. Dresses are effortless and versatile, easily dressed up or can be dressed down. I love the wide range of collections that Shabby Apple has. From vacation wear to jazz inspired night outfits, Shabby Apple features dresses and other items that range from chic to overly feminine. What's really great about them? It's BWFW- by women for women. Awesome!

Check them out (click the banner on the right :) ) 



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dreaming of Vaca with BCBG

images via

I've been paying attention to BCBG's Jet Set Summer Event for the past week now. As I'm studying for finals, I've been staring at photos of vacation inspired outfits, styled out suitcases, and pictures of dream vaca spots. It's driving me nuts, but it has been a nice escape dreaming about what I'd wear while on a vespa in Barcelona. I love the mixture of prints, silhouettes, and colors that BCBG has used in their campaign. I would love to go from a striped, structured suit around a city to billowy blue dresses around the coast. The Bali suitcase with its mixture of golds and black/blue stripes is winning over my heart right now.

Which suitcase if your favorite?