Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Affiliated with Shabby Apple!

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Hey guys! Shabby Apple reached out to me to become an affiliate of their site. How exciting! With a vintage and retro feel, Shabby Apple's main idea is the return of the one-piece, where the one-piece is all you need to look and feel great every day. I must say, I completely agree. Dresses are effortless and versatile, easily dressed up or can be dressed down. I love the wide range of collections that Shabby Apple has. From vacation wear to jazz inspired night outfits, Shabby Apple features dresses and other items that range from chic to overly feminine. What's really great about them? It's BWFW- by women for women. Awesome!

Check them out (click the banner on the right :) ) 




  1. OH MY!!! Well congratulations... I'm certainly going to check them out. Just by the image you have displayed I can see that I'm going to fall head over heels for what they have to offer. I won't have to continue to ransack vintage shops prowling for the pieces that are now made available via Shabby Apple! Oh Happy Day huh? lol
    Darling Bonnie

    1. Yes, they have really great vintage inspired pieces! No more scouring clothing racks, except thrifting is so much fun!