Saturday, July 14, 2012

Featured on Bullett

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Came across this while randomly searching the web. I remember being street style snapped for them on a really hot day in Soho. Could have sworn my makeup was melting off my face, but I guess it was ok! I was asked to share my favorite beauty products that I can't live without, and I wrote 'BB Cream and a great lip balm.' Those are my essentials! I've been trying to convert all my friends from traditional foundation to BB Cream. It feels like a lotion (maybe is a little thicker than facial lotion?) with an extremely smooth and creamy texture that you can just rub in without thinking twice (or have annoying marks foundation can bring). It covers pretty much like one and also illuminates your skin, giving a very fresh complexion. It's a necessity along with a great lip moisturizer for these extra hot summer days!

If you have any skin care or makeup questions for me, let me know! I'll be posting my beauty routine soon.

Yay for Saturday!

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