Saturday, July 21, 2012

Onsie in the City

romper+sunglasses: street shopping in korea, purse: valentina, sandals: michael kors, shirt: h&m

I wore this outfit on a low key Saturday afternoon/evening to check out a restaurant in Soho. I'm in love with this romper (don't know if you can tell underneath my white shirt), and decided to accent it with red and gold. What I love the most about this romper is its loose fitting. It's pretty sporty with longer shorts and a not too slim fit. It's more relaxed, but has character since it's not the average tight fitted hug-your-body everywhere romper. Some pig tails made my outfit fun and more relaxed, but my Michael Kors sandals made it more put together and not too casual. The power of the shoe. In fact, these are probably my most worn pair of shoes--I've literally beaten them to death as the heels are now broken after tripping on a sidewalk the other day! The mileage I've gotten out of these girls...sigh, I need to fix them asap! They've been in all my adventures, visited different countries with me, and made me feel more confident while strolling down the street. I'm sure all of you have a pair just like that. Like the go to black dress, but instead the go to shoe. It's sad to see the end of its life coming (but I'll just order another one hehe). But back to the main topic--I was comfortable in the heat and while casually strolling around Noho afterwards. I remember there was a street pianist playing in Washington Square while an Indian festival was going on in the background. Such culture in the city! It's wonderful. You never know what you're going to see, or who you're going to meet on any given day :) 


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