Monday, July 30, 2012

Three things that have made me who I am today

Do you ever look back on childhood photos and say, "Wow, I was so cute...what happened?" Sometimes I have those moments. Apparently, when I was younger, I was a badass girl rocking lace gloves with a printed tee, a girl with a chic sun hat, and a wild girl who had no limits or shame to how I was dressed. Looking at today, these elements have stayed with me, though maybe in a more subtle light. It's funny to see how childhood shapes who you are, and to look back at your roots. As I see my older and less adventurous self today, I must say I need to take a cue from the past and be freer like a child! I advise you to do the same and to have fun with the way you dress yourself!

Do you have any defining moments in childhood that have shaped you to be who you are today? Any photos embarassing/cute? Share them with me!


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  1. Oh I have probably ten photo albums of my child hood, most of them are embarrasing haha. Thank god they're in China, otherwise I swear every time a friend comes over, they're going to flick through those albums and point out everything!

    I think there is a photo of me when I was one, and I'm crying, and on the back mum wrote "crying because he couldn't get to the chicken drumstick in the middle of the table" lol