Thursday, August 2, 2012

Boyfriend's Shirt

shirt: topman, shorts: forever21

I used to always steal clothes from my mother's closet when I was younger. We're pretty much the same size, so I could get away with dressing up in mommy's clothes. Too bad once college started, I didn't have her expendable closet at my finger tips. It's the price I have to pay for moving out of home! But, all these memories of playing dress up in someone else's closet gave me the idea of doing the another person's closet! Hence the boyfriend's shirt. I picked it out for him at Topman last summer and have secretly been eyeing it since. Once I had the opportunity while visiting his apartment to snag it and sport it the next day. It's perfect for when I'm bored with my own clothing, which unfortunately happens a lot. I always need to be onto something new. Anyways, I love how his shirt makes more of a dress for me, and I just need to pair it with a pair of shorts. It's a pretty plain outfit, but the shirt speaks for itself with a wonderful checkered 'hood' which is more of an oversized collar. I can play with the buttons and hood to change the shape of the shirt. Ultimately, I had to give it back after him spotting me in it, but there will be another time when I can snag it once more!

Yay, it's almost Friday!!


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