Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fishtail Skirt

shirt: forever21, skirt: purchased in korea, scarf: chinatown, necklace: swarovski crystal heart

It's always good to dress up on vacation. Maybe, to be even more outrageous/adventurous...why? Because you're on vacation. Make it feel like one! I love this outfit, especially the skirt. My mom brought it for me from some little shop in Korea. I love when she surprises me with little goodies like these! It's something she's been doing since I was a child. It started with lipglosses from Walmart and now has progressed into fashion steals. The skirt is quite whimsical and flows beautifully behind me when I walk around. I complimented it with a flowing sheer shirt from forever21. It has arm slits, but I guess you can't really tell from here. It's not too sheer of a shirt. With a black bra on, you can hardly tell that its sheer. It's very my style--more conservative. I've been wearing my scarf from china town as a headscarf all weekend long to recreate that vacation getaway look. It adds more glamour in my opinion. Finished with a swarovski heart pendant on a black rope (which by the way goes with everything. yay!), and my mom's vacation flip flops. Perfect outfit for the breeze in Florida and a night out. 

Wish I was back with those palm trees behind me!



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