Tuesday, August 14, 2012


poolside belongings 

my mom!
her pretty nails!
These are some of my vacation photos from Orlando. It was so relaxing to just escape the city for a weekend. I always feel like I need to get out of NYC for some fresh air, but then again, too long from the city makes me antsy. So, a weekend is perfect. I stayed at the Hilton Orlando and had no reason to step outside of the hotel for anything. Orlando had such gorgeous weather, and the poolside was so calm. My weekend was filled with eating and spending time with my mom. It was perfect besides all the delays in flights getting there and home. I'd love a life where I can vacation every weekend. Just go somewhere new. It'd be so refreshing, and would make me appreciate New York even more. Though I was sad to leave after a day and a half, the city was calling me back.

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  1. How pretty! Orlando is fun but can get so humid! Your mom looks great! I just started following you on Instagram too. =)